Live Band Karaoke
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Live Band Karaoke

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Best Event This Year!"

All of us here at the SAC share the sentiment that our best event of the year was by far Live Band Karaoke. We had our largest turnout of the semester and perhaps in our committee's recent history. - Southwest Minnesota State University

"Rock Out With A Live Band"

If you've ever wanted to rock out with a live band this is your opportunity! They'll even sing backups and take over on lead vocals if you wind up too scared, too quiet or too giggly. - UR Magazine Chicago

"Great Attraction!"

Normally we don't book the same act two years in a row but Live Band Karaoke went over so well we'd like it as a regular attraction at our festival. - Woodridge Festival

"Awesome Event!"

We had our own live "idol" competition. One of the best student turnouts of the semester. - St. Cloud University


One of the best holiday parties we've ever had! - Lexus Corporation

"Great Karaoke Alternative"

A great alternative for those of you have grown tired of seeing your closest friends and loved ones standing alone on a desolate stage with a TV monitor and crappy microphone. The alternative is Live Band Karaoke! - The Tap Magazine

"So Much Fun!"

I can't believe they know all these songs! - Marquette University

"Chicago's Best Karaoke is LIVE"

Karaoke lets you sing but Live Band Karaoke lets you kick it! Live Band Karaoke turns crowd members into rock stars! - Chicago Magazine

"Live Band Karaoke Rocks The Pier!"

Because of Live Band Karaoke and its exceptional talent Navy Pier Beer Garden had its largest guest attendance in recent history! - Navy Pier Chicago

"Live Band Karoke Delivers Fun!"

It's the essence of fun. You jump on stage, you're nervous, your hands are sweaty, but it's a rush! - Chicago Tribune

"Live Band Karaoke Was Great!!!"

We had people who signed up ahead of time and it was so fun! AND one of our Psychology professors brought his entire night class! He even sang Love Shack, how hilarious is that? We loved this event! - St. Francis College

"Karaoke With A Live Band, Wow!"

Regardless of your choice of music Live Band Karaoke is exhilarating fun, certainly more interactive and evocative than the typical TV screen version that's become a staple in American bar scenes and house parties. - Chicago Tribune


Still working on that hot first release.



Live Band Karaoke
The name says it all - karaoke with a live band. Combining silly fun of karaoke with energy of a live rock band, Live Band Karaoke allows anyone to fulfill a rock-and-roll fantasy. Watching others perform their own unique renditions of rock's greatest songs also contributes to hilarity. Some singers belt out tunes, while others make up for a lack of singing ability with a rowdy stage presence. Either way, irony and humor work on many levels as a kick-ass band rocks out the songs true to their original recording.

There are 300-400 songs to choose from covering all eras of rock-and-roll. You'll find:

Early classics (Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones)
70's classic rock (Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin)
80's hits (The Cure, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Journey)
Punk tunes (Ramones, Clash)
Heavy metal (Guns-N-Roses, Black Sabbath)
90's rock (Nirvana, Green Day)
Lesser-known indie rock (Guided By Voices, Pixies)
Modern songs (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Maroon 5)