Live Christ Like

Live Christ Like

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L. C. L. Live Christ Like Just sit back and imagine a preacher's sermon being rapped over a hard core beats ahh Yeah!!! That's right, the gospel is being preached through the art form of rap. Reaching new heights in this ministry is the Holy Spirit inspired group L. C. L. (Live Christ Like).


With our tongues we declare His righteousness, with our bodies we display His love. With are heart soul and mind we magnify His holy name- Jesus


Live Life full lenth album
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Set List

1 God forgive the Hood
2 Do You Love Jesus (skit)
3 Are You Saved?
4 My Lord
5 This or That
6 Soldiers
7 Blood for Me
8 Buy a Blessing (skit)
9 Money
10 Represent
11 Don't Let
12 Still Love Me
13 Purity (skit)
14 Purity
15 Precious
16 No tradition
17 Ready or Not
18 Heaven or Hell
19 Live Life
20 The Gospel