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Live Evil LP - You're Welcome.
Released in 9/08.



As a teenager, I had fantasies of becoming the next Nikki Sixx in order to be considered cool at my school and also get a gf. I was short, fat, had braces but noticed that girls liked rockstars and I loved Motley, so I though "well hey, I'll just become the next Nikki Sixx in the next Motley Crue." Easy. I invented an imaginary metal band named Live Evil and wrote a series of songs about booze, drugs, whores and life on tour. My imagination was uninhibited by my 9PM curfew; I wrote more than 120 songs from ages of 13 to 17 as I tried (in vain) to evoke the rocker lifestyle.

Since I was also extremely lazy, I never did anything to form an actual band. From the age of 13 to 32, Live Evil would live solely in my head and I would be its only member. Anyway, my fast-living fantasies were shelved as I graduated from the private French school I attended, moved out of my parents house at 25, married and settled into life as a mild mannered antiques dealer. But the dream never died.

Fast forward several years. Rocked, in a bad way, by a messy divorce, my friends encouraged me to dig out my songs and do some venting, goading me into auditioning for Mortified ( - a popular stage show in San Francisco and 9 other cities in the US, which was gaining fame (This American Life, The Today Show, Esquire, The Onion AV Club, Daily Candy, Entertainment Weekly and E!) by making public the private musings of average Joes, sifting through volumes of otherwise forgotten notebooks, photos and envelopes. At age 32, I stepped on stage to sing my first original song, Blow Me.

Blow Me is not as bad as it sounds. It was written from the mind of a 13 year old, who was obsessed with Motley Crue but whose life was diametrically opposed to theirs and who had no idea about sex. Some of the songs I wrote, have turned out to be very funny, hence why I was cast in Mortified. Think Spinal Tap though when I was writing my songs, I wasn't trying to be funny, I thought they were sure-fire gold hits.

Anyway, I performed at Mortified and that's when my life changed. I quickly became a Mortified favorite, performing several times in San Francisco and LA, and then turned my tale of divorce and rock n' roll redemption into a musical that won the 2007 SF Fringe Festival ( “Best of the Fringe Award” and “Best New Musical.” My life story was purchased by a documentary film writer Christoph Baaden ( who is making a film about me and the band. My biography is being shopped to Quirk Books. The band was featured in the latest Mortified book, Love is a Battlefield, published in February 2008 by Simon & Schuster. I fell in love with a groupie.

Live Evil continues to book shows, performing only the songs I penned in the past - insights into my teen rock-n-roll fantasies. Songs like, Shot of Jack, Wild Tonight and Blame it on the Booze. Our first album, titled You're Welcome, is available on iTunes, CD Baby, etc. and we are currently looking for management. We were also featured in the Mortified segment of Last Call with Carson Daly. You can see the Carson Daly clip also on our myspace page.

Since we perform only the songs from my youth, and I was a teen in the 80s, Live Evil has a highly retro style of music influenced by rock bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Guns n Roses and AC/DC.