Live Honey

Live Honey


Rock with a Soul; Elvis Costello meets Van Morrison and Sheryl Crow


Steve Roiphe, the core member of the musical entity known as Live Honey, is a New York City native who served a musical apprenticeship in New Orleans before returning to New York City to gather a series of musicians to orchestrate his visionary sound...influenced by classic soul as well as classic rock and more contemporary genres (punk, hip-hop, etc.), he describes Live Honey music as "Rock with a Soul." Live Honey music is unique because it combines the musicianship (especially vocal prowess, most recently represented by Steve's work with soul diva Shelly Bhushan) of great soul music with the contemplative lyrics of modern rock. Although the themes are sometimes dark, the message is always uplifting. Along with his carefully chosen recording partners/musicians, Steve's Live Honey has enjoyed considerable popularity in the New York City club scene and nationwide; In 2002 his music was nominated for an American Music Award in the Best Unsigned Band category, and achieved finalist status in the 2000 Independent Music Awards.


Once in a While (Innocence Bleeds)

Written By: Steve Roiphe

Once in a While I see my salvation
I see my salvation so heavenly free
Then all of a sudden I feel it slide over
I feel it slide over and Innocence Bleeds.

Under the rapture I found me a new light
and fresh from the capture it entered my end
that if it would fade now, I'd never recover
and if you would come back, then what would you find?

She's trying to touch me
I'm starting to see my way around it
(Oh I'm so glad I found it.)
If anyone would walk away from solace on a silver plate
it's me. It's me.

But Once in a While I need some temptation
to clear off the dust from the edge of my mind.
And even in low light I'm often surprised with
the beauty of visions and feelings I hide.

Broken sky, Fierce morning.
Happy when I have my eyes shut tight.
Don't let pain and fear surround me in the daylight.
If the sky is healed by evening, I may come falling for you
If I know the stars are not too bright for me.

But Once in a While I take a rotation
and music and rhythm pour forth from my soul
And on those occasions you never would know that
a person so willing was stuck in a hole.

'Cause after the laughter I'm really not ready
to unlock my longing and let it run free
You wouldn't have asked that if you only once felt
the depth of my anger when Innocence Bleeds.

You wouldn't like being
You wouldn't like being around me
When the pain and the anger all turn to sorrow
I may need to borrow you but see
It's me

Who'll turn back the pages
to no longer suffer
To no longer suffer and no longer need.
Just give me a reason and I will start over
'Cause down through the end it's a question of me.

Even Though I Know

Written By: Steve Roiphe

Even though I know that I'm leaving I just can't cry.
You've taken back my right to believe
and I don't want an eye for an eye.
Even though I hate that you're laughing
I love what it does for my soul.
It shines a light on a meaningful moment
that once fell within my control.

Are you sure that moment has passed?
I'm lost to the world if it has.
If you were me honey how long do you think you would last?

Even though I know there's a season
I can't let it enter my mind.
Summer sun gives me blustery reason
I can't trust as far as I drive.
And although I envy your freedom
I can't bear to open the door.
And I've lost my last real sense of dignity
sleeping alone on your floor.

But sleeping beside you was bad.
A whole different way to be sad.
And I can't help but think
that you never knew just what you had.

You're probably sorry
and I'm damn sure that I'm sorry too.
Oh . . . but it's meaningless . . . .
Oh it's so much worse than meaningless.
I know that I'm falling
and it's much worse for me to hang on.
But if I move I don't know what I move on to
But if I stay I'm so sure that this feeling
will cleanse me and raise me
It's so strong, what else could it do?

Even though I look like a tourist
I'm more like a tropical storm.
I race around aimlessly, gather my anger
and break when it's windy and warm.
Even though I feel that I'm breathing
It's hard to believe I'm alive.
I've long lost my passion avoiding affection
that keeps other people alive.

My steps seem to shatter the ground.
I can't trust my sight or my sound.
I wasted my innocence chasing those feelings you
gave me when you were around.


Live Honey: Move Yourself
(Tracks receiving considerable airplay, either commerical or college, from this release include "Once in a While (Innocence Bleeds)," "Even Though I Know," "Inspire," "Cinnamon Smile," and "The Color of a Man."

Set List

Typical sets are 45 minutes to one hour (standard for New York City club gigs); Almost all songs in the set are originals (from the CD release Move Yourself as well as upcoming recordings), but the band is also known to play distinctive versions of the Rolling Stones' "Tumblin' Dice" and Smokey Robinson's "Tracks of my Tears."