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"Bryan Bande and Live N' Breathe romance NYC crowds"

In light of all the recent Live N' Breathe news flying around the world wide web, I thought it only fair to highlight the human underground sensation people are calling Bryan W. Bande. Bryan is a world class talent with a stage personality that is romantic at worst, and explosive and physical at best. He is a frontman through and through, the likes of which I have not seen since Axl W. Rose. Bryan Bande is a sincere mix of politician, preacher, and rock star. "Pissed off, pissed on and prayed for!" To quote the 6 ft. dark haired blue eyed monster. The band produced a blistering set of 12 original songs during New York City's CMJ 07 and floated into an encore of Robert Plant meets Shawn Puffy Combs ala Kashmir. Live N' Breathe's coming of age compact disc titled "Country Metal" has a real chance with G-n-R written all over it. This could be a classic album someday with it's good performances of great songs. No change could be detected as L-N-B left the stage to be followed by major label recording artist "H.I.M." and on a second occasion "The Counting Crows", if there was any change at all, I have to say "Live N' Breathe held it's own and provided a better atomosphere than its headliners." " I was not such a big fan of Bryan Bande's christian message, but at this rate I might just really get into the message." "Bryan W. Bande is the real thing!" The release date has yet to be set for their debut album. Pre promotion is being handeled by the band's myspace website and red eyed visits to radio stations nationwide. - wordpress

"Living the Dream"

By Jon Busdeker on Apr. 27, 2007 There's beer bottles scattered around the living room and the smell of cigarettes seem to stick to everything. The seemingly quiet house, down a seemingly quiet street has no parents and practically no rules. But what do you expect when three guys who are destined for rock 'n' roll stardom take up residence and call Lynchburg home? Meet Live N' Breathe - the four-piece band made up of Bryan Bande, Vinnie (who seems to not have a last name) and his two German imports Ian Metz and Moe Jones. Since 2004, the band has been together trying to write, record and release its debut album. In the meantime, band members have been hanging out in the Hill City, causing trouble and living the dream. The band will be at Cattle Annie's on Saturday, playing songs off its upcoming debut album. "We want to see how the people will react," Metz said. Bande, Metz and Jones met in Germany. Bande has been involved in the music industry for years, he said. He's toured overseas with several different musical outfits, which he refuses to identify saying he doesn't like to "name drop." While in Germany, Bande was on a sort of musical hiatus when he decided to try out two different bands. At one try-out, he met Metz. At another, he met Jones. With a little talking and a lot of convincing, Bande got the two guys to join him and start Live N' Breathe. The name, according to Metz, is an indication of their love for all things rock. "It's music we live and breathe," Metz said. The band started by laying down some tracks in Germany with producers known for working with high-profile artists like Rammstein and Bon Jovi. After listening to the results, the guys didn't think it was right. "We really wanted to try it ourselves," Bande said. Last year, the band moved to Lynchburg, in hopes of laying down the tracks for their debut album. Bande had lived in the Hill City before, and thought it would be the perfect place for the band. "We can access anything," Bande said, referring to cities like Washington, D.C., Atlanta and New York. For Metz and Jones, it was a big decision to leave their homes and come to America. But, they said, if you want to live your dream, you have to make sacrifices. "Of course, you miss home," Metz said. When they arrived in the United States, the band took up in their bachelor pad complete with music instrument and recording gear. "This is our log cabin in the woods," Bande said. For more than a year, Live N' Breathe has been condensing a library of 50 songs to the final 12 that will appear on the album. That's been difficult, they said, especially when they are trying to create their own sound on the CD. Bande explained how keeping up on trends can ruin bands, and he didn't want Live N' Breathe to succumb to the pressure of being popular. He likened it to an artist, saying if all artists think blue is cool, he will paint with red. "I didn't think that we should start a band with blue," Bande said. Take a listen to the band's lyrics, and you'll notice there's something different - something "red" - about the Live N' Breathe. You'll notice the positive message. That may sound like code for "Christian" band, and that wouldn't be far off. But they aren't Bible-thumping, fire-and-brimstone preachers with instruments. "We stay up too late and get really loud and obnoxious," the band's MySpace page proclaims. "We just know we will go to heaven if we happen to fall off the bus in the middle of the night." Live N' Breathe's music can be described as a throwback to the all-stars of rock 'n' roll like Led Zeppelin and Guns 'N Roses with a hint of Creed mixed in. "It's handmade rock 'n' roll," Metz said. - News and Daily Advance


Debut release: "Midnight in the Garden of Good N' Evil" July 1, 2008, Second pressing August 1, 2010

demo: sales in excess of 50,000 worldwide : America, Europe, and Eastern Europe



Album title: Midnight in the Garden of Good N' Evil

Gothic American Southern Rock

Will remind you of G-N-R, Black Label Society, Alter Bridge, Bride, Bad Religion, Buck Cherry, and LYNYRD SKYNYRD!

Street wise poetry that will find friend and foe on both the left and the right side of religion, politics and life. Edgy believable rock music with a message. The music is Christian, the music is secular. It is as if an album was written and recorded from the experiences of one determined young voice, with no regard for what is trendy, cool or cliche. This album is not for everybody, but it is for those of us who long for hot days in the sun, at a concert where only half the p.a. worked, the bathrooms stunk to high heaven, and there was no water and only alcohol to drink. Every fan at the show was under the influence of either drugs, the Holy Ghost, or the power of a beautiful woman. Bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd or a G-N-R would show up late to play and then would simultaneously kick all of our asses when they finally would start, and for a brief moment the fans, crew, and band would realize we were all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Live N' Breathe is a band for a lifetime and not just a lifestyle. L-n-B's 2008 album "Country Metal" is ready to take its place as a piece of rock history!