Live Pete Show

Live Pete Show


The Live Pete Show is a Hillbilly Rock-N-Roll Show ,that only slows down once in a while for some Bluesy Folk.


Man it's somethin' else all together .
The One Man Hillbilly Rock-N-Roll Show has gotten a lot bigger than I ever thought. I write a lot of Bluesy Folky kinda things, But People love the Elvis,and Johnny Cash and all the Rockabilly stuff in the shows.A lot of them old Sun Records.

I'm a 36 year old divorced father of two beautiful boys.
Before I was married, I was The leader of a Rockabilly band in El Segundo CA. THE HILLBILLY CATS. In came the wife and kids and out went the guitars and motorcycles.
After my wife slept with 117 guys, I thought well ,Fool me once shame on you, Fool me 116 times more me.
So I left home left the fire service, And went back to my one true love ,Playing live music.


On Droopy Records
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Set List

A lot of Johnny Cash, David Allen Coe ,Elvis, Country and Rockabilly from the 50's And 60's.

I always pepper my shows with some of my own stuff, and it has been received very well.
I've been playing 3, 1 Hour Sets w/15min off in between, I been A few places where they don't want me to leave so I keep playin'