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"Concert review by Roger-Z"

Live Society -- women love them. Dirty dancing erupts throughout their shows. Fronted by two brothers and a cousin, some even compare them to The Jackson Five. This Newburgh, NY based band consists of Brian Collazo-vocals, Kevin Collazo-vocals, Jason Vargas-vocals, John Kaiteris-guitar, Jeff Miller-keys, Anthony Candullo-bass, Scott Harper-saxophone, and Erik Perez-drums.
On this night at The Lazy Lounge in White Plains, N.Y., Live Society appeared without their sax player due to space limitations. Unpretentious, down-home, friendly, the three Hispanic front-men made the stage feel like a street corner. They entertained themselves as much as the audience with their on-stage camaraderie -- dancing, joking, and just plain fooling around. One would normally expect the singers in a group like this to dress in elaborate stage outfits. No sir. Just casual, subdued, street clothes which helped multiply the warmth they generated.
But the real magic involves the vocal harmonies that only blood relatives can generate. Watching these three singers do their thing, one word comes to mind -- family. And blood or not, the instrumental backup provided the perfect foil to the singers. All seasoned veterans of the Westchester scene, the band members kept meeting up on various commercial gigs. It seemed like fate. The band formed and soon put out a CD of originals simply entitled "The 2005 EP." Since then, they play to packed houses performing a mix of R&B, funk, reggae, Latin, and originals.
On this particular night, Live Society focused on R&B covers. The first set included "Use Me" by Bill Withers, "Master Blaster" and "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder, "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D'arby, "Bring It On Home to Me" by Sam Cooke, "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman, and "Ascension" by Maxwell. After a long break in which the band members mingled with the audience, the group launched into "Money Don't Matter" by Prince, "Africa" and "Georgy Porgy" by Toto, an extended "Could You Be Loved" by Bob Marley, "Rock With You" and "P.Y.T." by Michael Jackson, "It's Your Thing" by The Isley Brothers, and a funky original called "So Good." They closed with "Nothing Compares To You" by Prince.
Women ruled the audience, dancing from start to finish. The rhythm section of Erik Perez (drums) and Anthony Candullo (bass) provided the heartbeat -- a relaxed, sexy feel that allowed everybody to feel safe and comfortable. With his Stratocaster, Guitarist John Kaiteris not only locked up the groove with sparse, abbreviated funk chords, but also added a dollop of Pink Floyd lead guitar. Keyboardist Jeff Miller wrung funky miracles out of his tiny, three octave synthesizer. Together, the musicians jelled into an organic, living being.
Check out "Live Society" as soon as possible. Lock up your bragging rights now. Then you can say, "Live Society. I knew them before they hit!"
©2007 Roger-Z
- Working Musician

"Live Society "The 2005 EP""

If you live for the r&b tip, then get your groove on to Live Society's The 2005 EP. Seventies soul lives! Do you remember "Best of My Love" by The Emotions? "Got To Be Real" by Cheryl Lynn? Those songs, along with the "Boy" groups of the nineties, serve as the template for these top-flight Westchester musicians who met while working on various local projects. The need for more regular work drove them to put together a permanent group. The lineup consists of Brian and Kevin Collazo (vocals), Jason Vargas (vocals), Erik Perez (drums), John Kaiteris (guitar), Jeff Miller (keyboards), Scott Harper (sax, flute), and Anthony Candullo (bass).
"Weight of This World" and "So Good," both written by guitarist John Kaiteris, leap right off the record and viciously sink their teeth into your brain. "So good, you look so good, and when we get together it would feel so good." Now, granted, these lyrics won't set the world on fire. But the synergy of a catchy melody, bouncy rhythm, and great harmony prove irresistable. Another high point of the album, Keely (written by Brian Collazo) starts off as a midtempo ballad with the vocalist pleading, "Please don't give up on me, Keely." Out of nowhere, it erupts into a volcanic, searing guitar solo.
The complex, latin-funk grooves generated by drummer Erik Perez and bassist Anthony Candullo separate Live Society from run-of-the-mill competition. Like Jaco Pastorius, these professionals lay down a lot of notes but manage to make it all sound so simple. Check them out live. I bet your feet won't stop moving all night long.
©2006 Roger-Z
- More Sugar

"Live Society wins battle in New York!"

Over 250 shows, in 17 major markets, have been battled to bring us to the City Wide Warfare round of the One Million Dollar Bodog Battle of the Bands. The final city round in New York, NY took place on Dec. 16th at Irving Plaza, with a packed house of over 1,000 fans, friends and family of the competing bands. The bands are all scratching, fighting and clawing their way forward for their chance to win the coveted grand prize of a One Million dollar worldwide record deal with BodogMusic
Coming from New York, Live Society won the city finals playing pop rock, jazz and latin. And they truly do enjoy it! “People can see the fun and excitement on our faces when were onstage” adds bassist Anthony Candullo. Live Society creates infectious melodies with danceable grooves and hooks that seem so amazing you can’t help but sing along. A Live Society Show is a soulful, spirited affair that must be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate. They are all fueled by the simple desire to make music together and plan to be musicians for life! Check out the unique blend of musical styles on Live Societys’ MYSPACE. And for more info on the Bodog Battle of the Bands go to BodogMusic.

"Live Society among heavy-hitters at KFEST"

June 7, 2002 - One of the largest all-day, outdoor concert events to kick off summer, K104Fest VIII features established and up-and-coming R&B, hip-hop, alternative and pop acts. It's set for tomorrow at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill.

Young MC
Known for the song "Bust a Move," Young MC is back with a new album that he'll be sure to promote during the K104Fest.
"Engage the Enzyme" is slated to hit record stores in late summer. The album's debut single, "Feel the Love," hits airwaves this month.
"Trackwise, I've been working on them for over a year," Young MC said. "I feel good because the album progresses nicely and it's got continuity and good song order."
The 15 solid tracks on the album are virtually all over the place, and for good reason: He wanted it that way.
"I produced it myself on my independent label," Young MC said. "It allows the music I want to get on the record."
Young MC recently appeared on the NBC quiz show "The Weakest Link" with other hip-hop performers. He said it was one of the coolest things he's ever done.
"I loved hangin' out with the other artists. It was all about the interaction and the ebonics, not how big our medallions were," Young MC said. "(Host) Anne (Robinson) got me a couple of times. She was sayin' things like, 'Young MC, now that name's a little outdated,' but we all got her good."
The 1989 single "Bust a Move," which was a staple on the charts for more than 40 weeks, earned Young MC a Grammy for best rap performance and an American Music Award for best rap artist. "Stone Cold Rhymin'," the album featuring "Bust a Move," went on to achieve double-platinum status. However, don't expect Young MC to perform too many of his older songs at K104Fest.
"I'm going to do some old stuff they know, but I have no interest in being the rap version of Tom Jones," Young MC said. "My music stands up against the artists out there, and I want to show my growth and talent."

Elan (AKA Live Society)
Having played the K104Fest last year as part of the Woodman Band, Elan proved so popular that the Orange County group was asked to perform this year under its own name.
"We're going to be providing a better show for our fans this year," said 25-year-old Jason Vargas. "We're going to be doing our own songs because this year we're representing ourselves, and we're also involved a lot more with the production end of it."
Elan has been together for eight years. It is made up of Vargas and his cousins, brothers Kevin, 25, and Brian Collazo, 23.
The band's self-titled CD sports six songs, some of which the band will be performing.
" 'Get to Know You' is a nice, uptempo, club-sounding song and is the age-old story about boy meets girl, boy wants to get to know girl," Vargas said. " 'Best Friend' is a sample of a hip-hop song by A Tribe Called Quest, which we sampled, arranged and co-produced. We used the track as a basis and created something of our own."
The CD was arranged and produced by Gordon Dukes, a multiplatinum producer who has worked with Shaggy and Dream and other performers. It's no wonder that Elan sampled his song "If I Could."
"We were listening to some of his songs and 'If I Could,' a classic love song, jumped out at us," Vargas said. "It's got an R&B/pop/Latin feel to it and it's got flavor. We want people to get married to this song."
The band will be the fourth act to perform at the K104Fest.
"We'll be doing a lot of high-energy, choreographed routines. People will get to see what we're all about this year," Vargas said. "Our dancers are from the Hudson Valley Conservatory and the Sharon Mitchell Performing Arts Center, and we're doing this for our family, friends and fans who have supported us through the years. It's time for us to shine."

The Grand Skeem
In anticipation of the release later this month of its self-titled debut CD, the New York City-based band Grand Skeem makes the trip to Fishkill for the K104Fest. The first single off the CD is a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back," which Grand Skeem lead singer Ali Dee, 28, said was not the original plan.
"It wasn't our decision. We were originally gonna put out 'Shorti,' and Z100 (100.3-FM in New York City) liked 'Shorti' and they played it and said, 'If you liked that song, you'll love this one,' and they played 'Baby Got Back' and then it shifted to 'Baby Got Back' being the first single released," Dee said.
"We thought it made sense. If it's easier to play us this way so be it. I feel that our other songs, all originals, are stronger than 'Baby Got Back,' so releasing a cover first isn't a problem. Alien Ant Farm did it and they're successful. The next single will be 'Shorti.' "
Grand Skeem was founded in 1998 by Dee, 28-year-old drummer Donato Paternostro, 26-year-old guitarist Vinni Alfieri and 23-year-old bassist Steve Ruchelman. Dee said it took the guys six months to put the album together.
"We took our time with it," Dee said. "The writing came easy, and that's how it's sup - Times Herald-Record

"Live Society, an experience you will never forget!"

These guys gave the crowd a night to remember. They are truly a group of MUSICIANS who cater to all demographics of music lovers, from pop to rock to jazz and r & B, you will not be disappointed. Their self entitled ep is an awesome buy, anticipating the next cd. - Arthur Rivera

"One Listen and You'll be Hooked"

On a select few albums, such as Gavin DeGraw’s ‘‘Chariot,’’ Stevie Wonder’s ‘‘Innervisions’’ or John Lennon’s ‘‘Imagine,’’ every song is so impeccable that it’s really hard to pick a favorite. Well, here is a band that produces quality music that will leave you wondering how you haven’t heard them before.

They go by the name Live Society and their recently released CD, ‘‘The Live Society 2005 EP” (available online at or at any of their shows), is in constant rotation on my iPod. It is an album that will better your music collection and soon be on your list of favorites.

The group’s sound is concocted by some of New York’s finest — a beautiful mix of talented guys, individually great, but together incredible.

They are: John Kaiteris on guitar; Anthony Candullo on bass; Erik Perez plays the drums; Scott Harper sax and flute; Jeff Miller jams on the keyboards; and Jason Vargas, Kevin Collazo and Brian Collazo (B-Ski) complete the band with vocals.

These eight slick cats have it all: charming style, energetic stage presence and natural talent, vocally and instrumentally. None of these men is to be overlooked, because each is not just good, but great at what they do. They have managed to match their well-written lyrics to loveable melodies in a way I’ve never heard before, which is no small feat. They are more phenomenal the more you hear them, and unbelievable live.

Energetic on stage
I recently had the pleasure of watching them take the stage at New York City’s Bitter End, where numerous greats have started out.
They did their thing, quickly impressing me and the rest of the audience, which happened to include Gavin and Joey DeGraw.
Their performance was full of energy, with smooth dance moves.

Their music makes me melt, and I can give them all the praise in the world, but their music speaks for itself. It only took a medley of their songs before I was hooked, and I’m picky!

Most important, though, their music is the type that I predict is going to last and be just as fresh in 50 years as it is right now.

Look them up ( and look out, because they will be bigger than huge in no time.

Author: Alexa Andujar - Poughkeepsie Journal


Live Society EP



New York Based Live Society Is Burning Up The Stage!

Representing a modern day twist on the 70’s R&B sound, Live Society’s danceable grooves and rich harmony driven songs are sure to drive the crowd wild. Appealing to all ages, their infectious melodies embed themselves into your brain until one has no choice but to give in and sing along.

This truly is a family affair. Lead vocalist Brian Collazo and family members Jason Vargas & Kevin Collazo on backing vocals bring an R&B element to this eight piece entourage. Erik Perez on drums, John Kaiteris on guitar, Scott Harper on saxophone, Anthony Candullo on bass along with keyboardist Jeff Miller make the band complete.

New York winner of Bodog’s $1 Million Battle of the Band competition, these seasoned performers have entertained at venues and festivals such as New York's The Bitter End, Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay, Orlando's Hard Rock Café, and K104-K Fest.

As many reviews have noted “A Live Society show is a soulful, spirited affair that must be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate.”.. “Once you've been a part of it, you'll wonder how you lived so long without em'.”