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"Lives Of Many Lives Of Many (EP)"

Lives of many, an indie rock band out of Winnipeg, MB is comprised of Mike Gavrailoff (vocals, guitar), Kurt Hildebrand (guitar, vocals), Nick Brosowsky (guitar, vocals), Mike Loewen (bass, vocals), and newest addition to the line up, Jay Fulmore (drums). Their commencement in 2003 lead to numerous shows, a small tour, and an EP recorded with their previous drummer, Jeff Peters of Skylight Studios.

The first track, is an intro into the second. It's mellow, relaxing, and builds up nicely. In my opinion, they could have easily made into an actual song. Just before the end of the song, they change things up just enough to meld into the second song. It's on this track, that you realize Lives Of Many's music values. "1.25" opens with lushly chord picked guitar harmony, with lightly galloping drums, and Gavrailoff's most earnest vocals. At the end, the song turns almost anthemic, with mutiple band members singing. "Sleep Through The Whole Thing" once again sports LOM's uncanny ability to pick memorable chords, and sing as entire band. "Standing Up And Letting Go" is a good last track on the EP. While being slower, it might just be the best track. Main vocalist Gavrailoff sings "I'm sorry that I'm so in love / with saying I can change". While most of the lyrics on this EP are about relationships, Gavrailoff doesn't come off as too bitter. There's definitely an emo influence showing itself in this EP, but the vocals alone are different enough to keep LOM from being filed under "emo." If I was to whip up a new genre name for LOM, it'd be post emo indie rock.

The artwork is extremely minimal, yet justified. The CD itself is stenciled with spray paint, which is a pretty neat idea. The insert was created by jack of all trades Nils Vik of Salad Dressing Records. The recording quality itself sounds rushed and obviously the band's first studio experience. Even so, it has a good raw sound to it. Currently, the band is demoing new songs for promotion, and planning an upcoming Canadian tour.

Rating: 3/5


"Lives Of Many Bear (EP)"

2004's self titled EP was just the beginning for Lives Of Many. While continuously playing local shows in their Winnipeg, MB (Canada) hometown, Lives Of Many continued the writing process. Their natural progression led to a step in another music direction, trading their traditional indie rock/emo songs for a more punk intrinsic rock sound. Releasing their second self titled EP (more commonly referred to as the "Bear EP"), Lives Of Many won the grand prize in Power 97's Class Of 2005 competition, amongst runners up Floor 13, Girl Friday, Moments Of Brilliance, and The Perpetrators. As a reward for their highly energetic live shows, and effective artistic ethics, they were awarded from Warner and Power 97 a management deal from Coalition Entertainment Management, a recording grant and promotion from Warner Music. A lot can happen when you record a 3 song EP and hand them out for free across Canada.

Lives Of Many again recorded in Skylight Studio, but this time around with guitarist Kurt Hildebrand, allowing them to capture what they were really going for. While the production is definitely more raw (and better) this time around, so are the actual songs, taking more advantage of the two guitars to create an organic and believable sound.

"Cordova Mines" opens with descending chords and driving drums. Near the beginning, the two guitars pull off a harmonized metallic hook, and move into somewhat of a somberly upbeat post punk song, complete with background vocals and all.

"It's Okay You're Leaving, I Cheated" is the highlight track on the EP. Initiated with sweetly cohesive pull off leads and galloping drums, the song gets underway once drummer Fulmore iterates "Are you with me? Well you should be baby." Although this track comes off lyrically as pathetically bitter, it contains a burnt brown sugar like chorus and enough melody to be worth the listen.

"...In Twenty Five Steps Or Less" seems to rant a bit too much, but features harmonized guitar licks similar to those in "Cordova Mines." Live, this song would be the most chaotic, featuring more shouting then melodic singing. Near the middle, the song almost seems to slowly wind down. What it actually does, is lead right into the climax, where the layers of guitars swarm and singer Gavrailoff's spastic vocals repeat "I am the murder!"

In comparison to previous material, this EP is a lot darker and angrier. Check the songs out at one of the links below, because they'll be touring Canada real soon, and you won't want to miss them.

Rating: 3/5


"Winnipeg Buzz: Pub Rock Ruled The 'Peg In 2005"

Here are songs that you probably haven't heard (because they're unreleased, saw only limited distribution or came out late in 2005) that you should find in 2006:

Western States — "She Came Runnin'"
Volume — "Drive You Home"
Lives Of Many — "It's Okay You're Leaving I Cheated"
The Rowdymen — "Drinkin' With George"
Knuckleduster — "Slept Slipped Split" - Chart Attack

"River City Rawks Class of 2005 - Lives of Many"

Lives of Many havea buzz-worthy alternative sound unlike most of the current rock crop. Expect to hear more studio work in the coming months as they complete work on their first full-length.

July 4-10, 2005 - Winnipeg Sun Newspaper

" Lives of many get Platinum Award from Warner Music"

It was announced yesterday that Winnipeg, Manitoba band Lives of Many have been given the Platinum Award from Warner Music Canada and Power 97 (97.5 Winnipeg). With this comes a management deal with Coalition Entertainment Management, a grant for future recording and plenty of promotion from Warner Music. Warner and Power 97 called Lives of
Many the "dark horse" of the compilation and were "absolutely blown away" by their energetic live show, thus solidifying their decision.

(7/6/2005) - The Bedlam Society

"4 Stars out of 5"

Until we lay this to rest

4 Stars

Lives of Many, a fast-and-coming Manitoba indie alt-rock band is on its way to getting some major attention.

This album is a riot of energy, savvy production, and innovative sound. Although the CD lost some of its fury at the ¾ mark, the difference is between better and best, not best and worst.

The lyrics are fun & intelligent (just listen to It’s Okay You’re Leaving, I Cheated, my personal fave), and add, rather than take away, from the music.

Producer Brandon Friesan has taken the band’s infamous live-show energy, and delivered a digital masterpiece, helped along with a generous donation Manitoba Film & Sound.

My advice: buy this album, don’t download it. It really is that good. And see them play live in these smaller venues before its arenas & binoculars-time.

-Sarah Willard
( - Kelowna's Event! Magazine

"The Sweet Art of Deceiving"

The Sweet Art of Deceiving

Peg City’s Lives of Many are back in action with a new singer and their new EP, “The Sweet Art of Deceiving” which was released only a few short months ago.

The EP is in two parts. “Evolution” are 4 brand new songs. Very chill but would still get you up and moving any day. I was so stoked once I got my hands on this ep and shoved it in my computer right away.

Part 2 is “Creation” 4 songs that have been re-recorded from their previous album, “Until We Lay This To Rest” with new vocalist Tim Doerkson. Its really cool to listen from start to finish just to get a feel for the new and still get your favourite older songs, including, “It’s ok You’re Leaving, I Cheated” one of their really upbeat and hate filled songs which in the past has made its way on Much Music.

The entire EP will give you that head-bobbin’, toe tappin’ mentality. Overall I really enjoyed it and hopefully you will see them on tour soon. “The Sweet Art of Deceiving” is available at select stores across Canada, as well as online at - CURRENTS Magazine

"Until We Lay This To Rest CD Review"

Lives Of Many - Until We Lay This To Rest

All I can start off by saying is: HOLLY FUCKING SHIT! For so long most of the indie rock bands in Canada that had great potential to be big really sucked. Then one glorious day, my ears were introduced to Winnepeg, Manitoba's Lives Of Many, and I was re-assured that all hope isn't lost for Canada's rock scene afterall.
While bands like Nickelback are crossing the boarder with their giant buses, loads of merch, shitty music and attitude of "it's so not cool to wake up for less than $10,000 a day", bands like Lives Of Many are going on the road with a van, full tank of gas, a trailer filled with equipment and a few Rubbermaid containers of t-shirts and cds (containing GOOD music), in hopes of not returning poor. The difference here makes me sick. Lives Of Many's single on Until We Lay This To Rest, "It's okay you're leaving, I cheated (Part 1)" in comparisson to a shitty song like "Photograph" by Nickelback is so much better. So why aren't these guys crossing the boarders and seas and nabbing like $15,000,000 with help from other great tracks like "Sell Out Tonight, If The Money's Right", "1.25", "Cordova Mines (Part IV), the albums other stronger tracks? The answer is countless possibilities.
All I have to really say is: Lives of Many and their debut Until We Lay This To Rest deserve much praise. But, not enough great bands like them are getting the respect, worship and payment they so deserve.
I really feel this is going to reshape how a lot of people see rock in Canada and then soon after: the world. THIS ROCKS!

Reviewed By : Kiel Burwell 4.5 / 5 -

"Lives of Many The Sweet Art of Deceiving"

May 17, 2008

One person's emo is another's indie-rock. To their credit, Lives of Many are a band both sides can claim as their own. Their eight-song EP has enough lyrical angst, anthemic choruses and surging energy to keep the backpackers from whining - and enough serrated guitars and propulsive punch to keep the carniverous rockers coming back for more. And as a bonus for newbies, it's four brand-spankin' new cuts are augmented with an equal number of reworked tunes from their 2006 CD "Until We Lay This to Rest". Maybe they should have called it "The Sweet Art of Balancing" - or at least "Recycling".
- The Winnipeg Sun

"Post-metal indie rock hits the Hat"

February 25, 2008

Winnipeg's Lives of Many is touring for their latest CD, "The Sweet Art of Deceiving" and you can catch them playing at the Doghouse on March 6.

Lives of Many have been together for a few years but the band has gone through a few changes. Lat summer their tour manager, Tim Doerksen, joined the band on lead vocals. "We were looking for a singer for a little while and we always joked"oh, we should just get Tim to sing." drummer Jay Fulmore said. "Lo and behold, it turned out he could sing really well."

"The Sweet Art of Deceiving" has eight songs, four of which are older songs re-mastered with their new vocalist. "The Sweet Art of Deceiving' is "a fairly good representation of our live show, energetic and technical at the same time." Fulmore said.

They call themselves Post-metal Indi rock and they've been compared to Alexisonfire, Billy Talent and Minus the Bear.

Lives of Many is currently in the early writing stages of their third album which is expected to be released in late 2008 or early 2009.

If you miss them this time around, Lives of Many will be back through Western Canada in the summer. They will be starting a tour on the east coast with Toronto based charity Skate4Cancer in May.

For now, if you'd like to pick up a copy of "The Sweet Art of Deceiving", you'll have to catch one of their shows to pick up he CD at the show.

- Zoe Szuch

- The Medicine Hat News


Fall 2007 - "The Sweet Art of Deceiving"(EP) Release date TBA

Sept. 19, 2006 - "Until we lay this to rest"(LP) - In stores across Canada, on I-tunes, and many more online retailers

Sept. 1, 2006 - "It's Okay You're Leaving, I Cheated"(SINGLE) Released to radio on DMDS. Enjoys heavy rotation on Winnipeg's Power 97 FM & Freq 107 as well as national college and commercial radio play including EDGE 102 in Toronto.

July 25, 2006 - "It's Okay You're Leaving, I Cheated"(VIDEO) - In rotation on Muchmusic, and Heavy Rotation on Muchloud the channel

July 5, 2005 - "It's Okay You're Leaving, I Cheated"(SINGLE) - Released on a Warner music Canada Compilation CD.

July 5, 2005 - COMPILATION "The Class of '05" - 3 songs included on a compilation CD released by Winnipeg's Power 97.

Mar. 2005 - EP "The Bear EP" - 3 song EP

Nov. 2004 - EP "The Wood EP" - 3 song EP



Everyone in the music industry is searching for a sense of discovery. When they find it, the effect is immediate, a flash of clarity surfacing through the waves of derivative sounds and uninspired songs.

Revisit the mood in April of 2005 the moment that Lives of Many was discovered by the industry, and validity of that statement becomes clear. In early 2005, the fledgling Winnipeg outfit first submitted their three-song demo to rock radio station Power 97 for its annual compilation CD, Class of 2005. Few on the jury panel of industry professionals had ever heard of the band but the instant the brisk opening chords and sharp, angular melodies of the quintet's first single, It's Okay You're Leaving, I Cheated kicked into the speakers, the mood in the room became electric. "Cheated" was put into regular rotation on Power. The response from listeners was immediate, driving the single into the stations' Top 7 most requested songs. Lives of Many was named the winner of the Class of 2005 Platinum Award, which included a $5000 consultation package and a trip to Toronto to meet with Warner Music and Coalition Entertainment record executives.

Lives of Many began in 2003 with guitarists Nick Brosowsky and Kurt Hildebrand meeting in a basement with nothing more than the promise to make music. They shook hands and started a band. Within the next two years they were joined by drummer Jay Fulmore and Bassist Graeme Lowe who both earned their chops in successful Winnipeg outfit the Rock Band. In 2007 the band solidified their lineup, replacing their former vocalist, Mike Gavriloff, with close friend and tour manager Tim Doerksen.

For the last two years the band has worked hard to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. They have self-released two demo EPs (including the debut "Wood EP" and "The Bear EP"). In late 2006 they recorded their debut full length "Until We Lay This to Rest" with Grammy nominated & Multiple Juno Award winning producer Brandon Friesen.

To handle the release of "Until We Lay This to Rest" Lives of Many formed their own label "Primer Records" and secured a distribution deal with EMI Canada and Koch Distribution. The newest release from Lives of Many "The Sweet Art of Deceiving" combines 4 brand new tracks and a reworking of 4 songs from "Until We Lay This To Rest" featuring new vocalist Tim Doerksen.

Finding themselves on the Indie Spotlight on Much Music as well as Much Does Winnipeg, the video for their first single continues to get rotation on Much Music and Much Loud the channel and drummer Jay Fulmore has even been featured in a commercial for the latter. The single has also enjoyed success on college and commercial radio stations across Canada (including locals Power 97, Freq 107 and Toronto based Edge 102).

Lives of Many has never been a band that was able to just sit around and wait for things to happen. They have successfully completed three Western Canadian tours as well as four highly successful Eastern Canadian tours and have shared the stage with numerous acts including the Comeback Kid, Sick City, the Harlots, Projektor and Canadian rock legends Sloan.

Through these appearances and extensive touring Lives of Many has developed a strong and steadily growing fan base as well as a thriving online community. With touring planned for the latter half of '07 and most of '08 including Eastern and Western Canada and the USA, Lives of Many is sure to be popping up in a town near you soon.