Lives on Layaway

Lives on Layaway


We play for God. We are a Christian - based rock band and we try to glorify Him in everything that we play and write. God is at the head of all of our lives and we aren't afraid to let people know about it. Lives on Layaway has catchy lyrics, powerful choruses, and we will throw in a breakdown.


God is the biggest influence in all of our lives. When we play a show we always set aside a minute or two between a song and let people know that what we are doing is all for God. Lives on Layaway does their best at everything they do musically and we let God take care of the rest.

This band has really grown into something that we can all say is something more than just another garage band. We played a show at a smaller venue once and at that show, something magical happened to all of us at the same time. Our lead singer, Sam Anderson, kicked out the cord that was connected to his amp so guitar went dead for about 45 seconds until he figured it out and got it fixed. Just so happens that while all of this was going on, the big chorus of our most popular song was driving on. Sam wasn't singing into the microphone because he was trying to fix his cord situation, but the crowd started singing the words to the chorus. It kept getting louder and louder until we all just went nuts and started screaming it. At that exact moment, all of us knew that everything that we have been working, trying for, and praying for, was all worth while because people were singing along to the songs that we wrote. It was a day that none of us will ever forget


Seperation and Changing are on

Set List

Our set list is this ::

On Layaway
Cross My Mind

Our sets are usually 40 - 45 minutes long.