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8/2010 - Mixtape Release - Brightest Star In the East

Local Radio Airplay - Yes I'm Back
There He Go
Take it Easy
Red Cross



I was born in Salem County, New Jersey February 18, 1985. I lived with my grandmother and sister until my mother overcame her addiction problem. Like a lot of my friends my father was m.i.a. Still growing up I maintained excellent grades in school and was spoiled which I can say now was fortunate. I excelled in basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and football because I took pride in my talent with remarkable passion. I loved sports up until I was 13 years of age. That’s when I moved to Delaware where I begin writing music. I never was in the streets in New Jersey because everybody knew my mother and would of definitely told her. They looked out for me. Guess they didn't want me caught up. Delaware is where I begin to indulge in the street life at age 14. It is also when I fell in love with the music because the streets gave me something to talk about and music was the outlet. I was always quiet but through my music was how I expressed myself. I thought it was powerful to be able to speak to people and they couldn’t respond, all they could do was listen. I had something to say. I had an advantage because I had that talent and gift to be able to speak to them.

It wasn’t until age 16 I then began to take music a little bit more seriously. In fact, I spent my 16th birthday recording at the studio. I was good at this rap thing like I was good in sports and it replaced that passion. At age 18 I moved back to New Jersey and was still recording but coming from the city to a little
town got me in a lot of trouble because I still had that city mentality. January 25th, 2006 at age 20 I was locked up. I was convicted for various charges and did four years. Throughout those four years that’s when I matured and yearned for another chance at a career in music because I now had so much to talk
about. I knew the streets was nothing but a trap in the area I was in. I begin incorporating whatever knowledge I learned into my music which mixed perfect with my experiences and how I felt. My music became more valuable and significant. It flourished my own lane and expression in a unique way.

Life always somehow managed to redirect me to the path of writing and continuing this journey in music by bringing me things to reassure my calling. I always meet the right people who believe in me. Not to mention, I barely paid for studio time and beats. I know this is what I'm suppose to be doing. Upon coming home from prison I released a mix-tape titled “The Brightest Star in the East”. I called it that because of the content. Listening to my music you will hear wisdom and intelligence I endowed while on my path. I think outside the box and I'm just not confined to the norms. The brightest star in the east is a star called Sirius. I figured I use that metaphor because I'm serious about what I talk about. I believe as long as you tell the truth and incorporate something for the fans to gain mentally for their own knowledge they will feel you. So I do just that. Guess I'm a modern day but futuristic teacher. I love this rap s#$t!

~ Live Sun