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Live Twice

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Le Bunker : la relève sera puissante!"

Le dernier groupe à se produire pour cette soirée, Live Twice, monte sur scène. Ouf! Quoi dire sur eux? Ils sont tout simplement phénoménal. Ils sont jeunes, beaux, talentueux, rythmiques, passionnés et j’en passe!

Gagnants de l’Omnium du Rock, ils ont déjà à leur actif plusieurs festivals à travers le Québec, en plus d’apparitions télévisées. Des chansons rock et parfois des balades chantées avec brio d’une voix juste et agréable accompagnée de musiciens plus que talentueux. Tout est en place pour un succès assuré autant sur le marché québécois qu’international. - Danielle Audy - QuebecSpot

"LIVE'N'LOUD Magazine"


It was now time to see Live Twice perform! Setting up the stage we saw that there was, again, a keyboard on stage. However, this time it was set up for the singer: making me hope this band didn’t have a singer sitting down at his piano…

Well, my wish came true! The second the band went on stage, we all knew we were going to see something great: everyone was very at ease on stage. They definitely seemed to have a quite big experience on stage.

Even though he played the keyboards, the singer was very much into it, song after song, jumping up and down from his chair (that he didn’t use much) and just going from one side to another to the stage. Every band member was very in tune making it not only great to see but to hear.

Live Twice had now showed us that they were the ones leading the battle.

Check them out if you are looking for a great time listening to a sound like Franz Ferdinand and The Killers with a touch of rock.

Link: - By Nour Haik


The EP, Work Work, was released in August 2010.



Live Twice. Not only is it the name of the band but also what they stand for: hope, perseverance and changing paths for a second chance. This young, powerful and ambitious rock band has sprouted from influences ranging from The Beatles to Guns N’ Roses. Each member has brought their experience and talent to compose songs with profound meaning which always send a message to the audience. On stage, “every band member [is] very in tune making it not only great to see but to hear.” as stated by Live ‘N Loud Magazine.

Live Twice is mostly proud of winning the 2009 Montreal finals of the Omnium du Rock competition in Quebec which earned them recording hours at the renowned Piccolo Studio. They started recording their first EP at Wild Studio and completed it at Piccolo in January 2010. After their first single 'Goodbye' stayed in the charts for nearly 6 months; they are now releasing their second single 'Work Work' on the radio.

The members are working very hard on the success of the band and have come a long way before the creation of Live Twice. Mat Perkins, the singer, composer and songwriter uses music to expose his view on life, the world, and society. Although his lyrics sometimes talk about struggles in the world, such as diseases or political issues, the outlook on the problem as well as the outcome are always positive and send a message of hope. Jay Benny, is the mysterious and oh so talented guitarist. His life revolves around his guitar, and he is always striving to get the best out of his instrument. The groove and maturity in the band comes from the bassist, Phil Duranleau. He has brought his experience from previous projects to give the band a mature and solid sound. As for the drummer, Sam Rose, his name is in the dictionary beside the word ‘Rhythm’. He definitely gives a show on stage and loves to impress. Finally, the band also works with a hired and very experienced saxophonist. He has participated in the recording of the album and also performs at shows with the band.

Together, they are going to show the world what living through music is. They know people can relate to the songs while listening to the tunes in their car, but also be entertained and forget everything during the show. The goal is to have people escape through their music and make them live an all around emotion experience. To conclude, we leave you with a few meaningful lyrics. “I work and I work. That’s all I ever do in this life. So I train and I train. To get better. And be the best I can.” (Work Work), “Back in days my life was a mirror. Of what we call the American dream. Truly this philosophy is really not that great. When all you do is wait.” (Vagabond), “You create your own possibilities to rise. But forget about the people that are left behind.” (Bank of the World)