LiVEViL is four guys that were put on this earth to play kick ass metal that people cant help but throw up their horns, head bang and mosh to. We do what we love, and it just so happens that we love to play loud, play hard, and make ears ring!


LiVEViL is the product of four dedicated musicians who play real deal, no gimmicks Metal... None of that New Age "I'm a pussy and I lost my girlfriend" crying shit. No... "I can't understand a damn word coming out of your mouth" Metal. We're not trying to play so fast you don't know what the hell is going on... instead we are head banging, aggressive, cut the fucking fat out,kick ass metal. We have a powerful groove without losing our aggressive approach. We leave a lasting impression every time we play. We are in it for the long haul, keeping real Metal alive and thriving in today's music idustry.


The End of Ideology- 4/20/08

Set List

Varies depending on time slot...
Usual 60 min set list:
-My Time
-Sworn by It
-Guitar Solo
-Getcha Pull
-Walk (Pantera Cover)