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Live Wire & Spit Hot Fire


Band Alternative Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Indie Artist Cover Page Feature"

...our team unanimously agreed that this band portrayed that unique flair and sound not present in so many other bands...
We enjoy their music because it is different, yet overall appealing to the masses. You can tell they really spend time thinking about every bit of the arrangements, sounds, words, and quality of each song...
Bands who bring the full package are what brings the life back into the music. This band shows their appreciation for the genres they fuse together and have undoubtedly earned the right to grace our covers and receive ongoing support from our magazine. We look forward to seeing great things from Spit Hot Fire.. - Urban Mainstream Magazine Sept 25th, Vol. # 28

"The Hip Hop Project Exclusive"

The Hip Hop Project's live show will get your head bopping for sure. The rap documentary Word.Life produced by Bruce Willis was represented at this year's Sundance Film Festival with hot performances by Live Wire and the HHP crew. - Binside TV

"Hip Hop Project Movie Review"

In its best moments, "The Hip Hop Project" examines the give and take of inspiration, whereby the mutual exchange of ideas transforms into the commingling of energy, into life itself.
- Los Angeles Times

"Bearcast Music Reviews"

Written by: David Talmage

“Spit Hot Fire,” the self-titled first full length from the New York City band known as Spit Hot Fire is doe sure to impress. I have to admit I was expecting the same old indie sound that has become so popular in the New York City scene, but I was pleasantly surprised with a fun alternative, reggae, rock album that somewhat reminded me of the latest 311 release. This album combines heavy rock riffs while grooving to some reggae and hip hopping through each track.

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Bryce Alvord tells tales of fun, exaltation, loss, anger and a whole lot of passion in the comedic yet raw and straight pressed album. This album has a great mix of reggae styles with gnarly bass lines and sick vocal tracks that just kick start your engines into party mode. There sound is simply refreshing to my ears and I for one and my excited to hear more from these guys in the future. Sure I’m not hoping that this reggae, rock, indie music starts becoming the fad out of every major city in the country but it sure wouldn’t hurt for these guys to put out another album or two.

If you are fans of bands like The Police, 311 or Sublime then you need to for sure check out this fresh new sound straight out of New York that’s bringing a whole new edge to the indie scene. Be sure to check out the tracks, “Far From Home,” “Playin’ Girl,” and “My Baby Likes Ladies Now” which are my personal favorites. Overall I’d say go grab this album, its simply refreshing. -


Spit Hot Fire-2008
Hip Hop Project Movie Soundtrack-2007
The Spit Hot Fire EP-2006



When worlds collide, sometimes the result is so explosive and powerful that it creates a brand new way of life, a unique creation that would have been inconceivable before…
Introducing New York City’s hottest new musical act; Live Wire & Spit Hot Fire… The combination of hip-hop sensation Live Wire (, of national recognition from Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah’s film “The Hip-Hop Project” and fresh off his Be-It Tour, with the hottest NYC indie alternative/reggae/rock/hip-hop band Spit Hot Fire (, currently touring and being spun on radio nationwide, and licensed on national TV shows like “The City”, “The Real World”, and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, is creating the craziest, most energetic and dynamic show seen in years.
When Terry “Live Wire” Moore and Bryce “BrZNice” Alvord of Spit Hot Fire met after being signed to the same Record Label, Fatboy Hits Music Group (, it was only a matter of time before the two seasoned performers decided to team up, pairing their previously established acts to create a unique and electric show that transcends hip-hop and rock, originating music that appeals to anyone who is a fan of quality, young energy and sound.
A trial mini-set featuring Live Wire at a Spit Hot Fire show in February produced such an amazing and memorable response that the two knew they had to turn it into a full-scale show, and set it into motion immediately. The result is so ground-breaking and captivating it can scarcely be described. A full, astonishingly talented band backing incredible rap, as well as singers lacing reggae, rock, and R&B influenced hooks and verses, creates a new kind of act that could only be compared to such legends as The Roots, due to their skill at performing live and diversity, but this is the 2010 edition, and Live Wire & Spit Hot Fire offer so much more. You do not want to miss this show…
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