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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
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"Jamaica's EME Awards Winners"

Yet another award on our belt - Anthea McGibbons

"Fifty head to Spain for Rototom Sunsplash festival"

Fifty head to Spain for Rototom Sunsplash festival

Published: Tuesday | August 3, 2010
Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

On his most recent trip to the land of drum and bass last week, Giovanni Vinci of Rototom Sunsplash met with the Spanish ambassador to Jamaica. It was a significant meeting, not only because the 17th staging of the reggae-based festival will be held in that country for the first time, but also for the sheer magnitude of the logistics involved in moving a large contingent of Jamaicans to Spain for the event.

Vinci told The Gleaner that approximately 50 persons, which include performers, Live Wyya band and support personnel, will be leaving Jamaica specifically for the weeklong Rototom Sunsplash 2010, in August in Benicassim, Spain.

"It means almost all the artistes for the second weekend of the festival will be from Jamaica," Vinci said. These include Busy Signal, Queen Ifrica, Pablo Moses, Tony Rebel, Etana, Marcia Griffiths, The Mighty Diamonds, Chuck Fendah, Wayne Wonder, The Abyssinians and Romain Virgo. Performing earlier on the festival are Anthony B, Glen Washington, Big Youth, Bob Andy, Jah Mason, Bushman, Alborosie, Ginjah and Fantan Mojah.

There will also be a tribute to Sugar Minott, who was slated to perform at Rototom this year.

Among the performers not based in Jamaica are Alpha Blondy, Aswad and German band Yellow Umbrella. Any last-minute additions would be a special surprise for those attending the festival. There will also be a film component, debates, the Reggae University forum, magic games for the children and an Africa Village, among other activities.

Impact necessary

It is important that Rototom Sunsplash makes an impact in its new home. Vinci points out that the change is not only from Italy, but also the accustomed date, as it is the first time the festival will be held in August and not the first two weeks of July. "So we change language, country and now also date," Vinci said.

There was a hint that this first could also be the last show. Vinci explained that, "If it doesn't work for us, it could be the last one", but immediately said, "No, no, no, I think it will work. We are doing our best. The signs are good. The feedback is good. The pre-sale (of tickets) is going well, better than last year".

However, Vinci said the festival will miss the usually strong Italian presence.

There will be seven stage areas at Rototom this year, among them the main stage, the Lion stage for European bands, a ska and rocksteady club, a dub station, the dancehall area and a free area, where anyone who wishes can step up at the turntables and play for 20 minutes.

Eight bands and performers from the European Reggae Contest will be coming to Rototom and the eventual winner will not only be touring Europe, Vinci said, but also performing at Rebel Salute 2011.

The Gleaner asked Vinci if there was any performer he wanted for Rototom this year who was not available and he immediately said Burning Spear. The other is Damian "Jr Gong" Marley. Marley is in the United States, touring with Nas to support their Distant Relatives album, while Burning Spear was already booked for four shows in Holland in as many days around the same time.

Vinci said it was important for Rototom to get recognition in Jamaica, "because Jamaica is the country where it was born. Without Jamaica, there is no reggae. So, for us, it is important to be here, to be part of the reggae community. For this reason, for the second time, Minister of Culture Olivia Grange will come to visit us".

From Jamaica Gleaner News.

- Published: Tuesday | August 3, 2010 Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

"Live Wyya goes toe-to-toe with pollution"

Live Wyya goes toe-to-toe with pollution
Published: Sunday | August 22, 2010
The members of of Live Wyya band celebrate after winning the Jamaican leg of Global Battle of the Bands in November 2005. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Roots Reggae band Live Wyya are currently in promotion gear for their latest single, They don't care, which is a protest against the systems that allowed an oil spill to occur in the Gulf of Mexico, killing thousands of animals.

Karl Edwards of Live Wyya, told The Sunday Gleaner that the song came as a result of watching the news and seeing how dispassionately nature was being treated.

"when you see what is taking place with nature right now, you are compelled to care about it," said Edwards.

In the song, Live Wyya asks those in charge of mining oil in the Gulf how the tragedy occurred. The message furthers implores persons who have shares in the oil industry to give up their shares and stocks to show they care, while lamenting the loss of life.

Small skit

The song even has a small skit where a conversation is being conducted between a father and his daughter. The child asks "Dad can we go fishing today?" and the dad replies "no baby, we can't go fishing today, the ocean is being polluted and if we don't do something soon, the world will be in crisis." during this conversation, reggae music is played in the background, followed by the reinforcement of the message by Live Wyya.

The Live Wyya band came to prominence after winning the Irie FM Big Break competition, and has since established itself as one of the best backing bands in reggae music. The Jamaican Music Federation adjudged Live Wyya, The Best Band in 2002 and 2003 by the Jamaican Music Federation.

Now touring with the legendary Gregory Isaacs, the group has covered a significant number of ground on the international scene. According to Edwards, the group is aiming to cement itself in the music industry.

Jamaican ambassadors

"We hope to be Jamaican ambassadors, like Third World," he told The Gleaner.

The band recently completed an album titled Spread the Love, featuring Junior Kelly.

According to Live Wyya, the album features production form Live Wyya, Mikey Bennett and Computer Paul, and is slated to be released in August. "we are mostly concentrating on the overseas market," said Karl, pointing out that it is difficult to get played on local radio stations.

"We don't have the money to play for no airplay," he said.

The outspoken musician explained that it was not easy for a band in the industry because of the number of persons that make up the team.

"It is harder for bands to get booked than a solo artiste, because the cost is more expensive. for example, a Live Wyya has six members, so that is six plane tickets," he told The Sunday Gleaner.

"Despite the challenges, we are making steady progress and we will continue to do quality music, educating the people through the message," he said. - Published: Sunday | August 22, 2010

"LIVE WYYA wins - 'Battle of the Bands'"

LIVE WYYA wins - 'Battle of the Bands'
published: Wednesday | November 16, 2005

Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer

LIVE WYYA, winner of the inaugural Global Battle of the Bands, held at Backyaad, Constant Spring Road on Sunday. The band will represent Jamaica in the Global Battle of the Bands, to be held at London Astoria, England, on December 7. - WINSTON SILL/FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER

BEFORE THE members of the LIVE WYYA Band even plugged in their instruments on Sunday night, there was a tumult of horns and applause from their supporters in the audience.

At the end of the first ever Jamaican 'Battle of the Bands', held at Backyaad, Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew, the horns sounded again as LIVE WYYA topped C Sharp and Roots Underground, in that order, for the bronze statuette. And, more importantly, the band will represent Jamaica at the second Global 'Battle of the Bands' at the London Astoria, England, on December 7.


It was a reggae top two, a blend of rock and reggae in third and rock from third to sixth, with From The Deep, Downstairs and Black Zebra following Rootz Underground, Marcus I and the Revolutionaries coming in with reggae in seventh position. The other bands in the inaugural competition were the Ray Darwin Group, Cohesion, Gunsmoke Battalion, Rhythm Boys, Aluta Continua, Ajani and the Real Roots of Culture, Random Chaos, Kassa and the Storm and No Credit.

The judging panel of Brian Schmidt, Claudette Powell, Freddie McGregor, Marjorie Whylie, Michael Edwards, Sharon Burke and Ibo Cooper determined 80 per cent of the vote, with the rest coming by ballot from members of the substantial audience at Backyaad.


In giving the judges report and the results, Cooper acknowledged the presence of Sonny Bradshaw, who he said had been instrumental in keeping live music going, but expressed one disappointment with the entries. "What I did not hear tonight was a lot of Caribbean rhythms," Cooper said, noting the richness of Latin music.

With each band being given five minutes to set up and eight minutes in which to play two original songs, only Marcus I and the Revolutionaries had the sound turned down on them for a somewhat extended period, as they went over the allotted time.

While many singers used the promontory, Rhythm Boys being the first, C Sharp's lead guitarist was the only musician for the night to venture closer to the audience, playing an electrifying solo on their first song.

They ended to tumultuous applause.


LIVE WYYA played uptempo reggae for their first song in which the lead singer coached a willing audience into a rhythmic handclap as he sang don't you try to dis/you will be next on the list. Their second song was a pure roots rocker, with a stirring guitar solo, with a refrain of can't keep us down coming before the ending 'Rastafari' and the cheers went up.

Random Chaos was the only band to utilise a female lead singer, who stood tall and lean in black boots under a black mini skirt and matching bustier. The Gunsmoke Battalion brought rap to the battle with their lead duo describing 'the streets of JA', while the Rhythm Boys hit a rare soft note for the night with an opening lover's rock reggae song.

Among the bands to use singing musicians on lead vocals were From The Deep, Black Zebra, Marcus I and the Revolutionaries, Kassa and the Storm and Downstairs - published: Wednesday | November 16, 2005

"Live Wyya Debuts a Masterpiece"

Live Wyya Debuts a Masterpiece
The release of Live Wyya’s Single – Masterpiece, has sparked another incredible, culturally motivated, dub-conscious song as an addition to their current repertoire and catalogue.

Live Wyya - The Band

Live Wyya - The Band

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 17, 2009 – Live Wyya spells, Positive Energy!

The ability to express the reggae consciousness of the band has enabled their performances to be equally balanced and unified. There is an almost tangible sense of solidarity amongst the band members, and the perpetual forward thrust of self determination is what conveys their shared passion of purpose of music and the flawless intercommunication to deliver a product of substance.

The dub conscious lyrics serve as a reminder to music’s general audience of the ‘strength of the women that share all of our lives……’

Excerpt from the Song, Masterpiece
When I'm feeling down, I can call on her, She's always around
Through the test of time, Never wear a frown, She's on solid ground
She's the driving force , The woman in my life, That keeps me going on
Well respected, she's a lady, She make life worth going on
She motivates, elevates, And give me strength all the way

When suggested that this would have been a perfect Mother’s Day song to debut, Live Wyya’s response is that, ‘every day is a mother’s day, the song depicts a subject matter of importance and clearly clarifies the status of a strong independent woman. A status that reflects the work of a confident, strong-willed woman, that goes way beyond a Mother’s Day celebration.’

Masterpiece is currently available for purchase at your iTunes stores. Masterpiece is produced by ace saxophonist/producer Dean Fraser and Mikey Bennett of Home T 4 Group and CEO of top-recording studio in Jamaica, Grafton Recording Studio.

"MASTERPIECE" is the most requested song on Reggae Radio Irie FM, the #1 radio station in Jamaica, and is presently enjoying a fair amount of airplay on many radio stations in the UK and Europe.

Daddy Ernie, a radio disc jockey at Choice FM radio in London, England said that "'MASTERPIECE’ is truly a masterpiece by the Jamaican band,” as he gets quite a lot of requests, mainly from female listeners, for the song.

The Live Wyya Band represented Jamaica in the recently held 'GLOBAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS' contest which was held at the famous Astoria Theatre in London, England where they competed against 25 bands from around the world, including Russia, and was voted the most popular band in the contest.

They also were winners last year in the category of 'BEST BACKING BAND' in the International Reggae and World Music Awards held at the world-famous Apollo Theatre.

The Live Wyya band is one of reggae music's most selective international bands of emissaries. The group is able to showcase their ability to be versatile within their music productions, whose works are exhibited within their most recent release of the Singles, Masterpiece & Yes, We can.

These are two (2) songs off the already anticipated Album, scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2010. The Album will feature an incorporation of the dynamic sounds of reggae, coupled with maintaining their exhibited musical craft of consciousness, persistence and dedication. These are songs that have granted them the ability to culturally promote passion & emotion as popularity all over the world. - PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 17, 2009 – Live Wyya spells, Positive Energy!





A tremendously popular Jamaican band, Live Wyya is one of reggae musics most sought-after acts. They formed in 1999 around Carl C-Phat Edwards (bass guitarist) and Arnaldo Lando Bolt (drummer). The additional group members are lead guitarist, Michael Colgate Downer, lead vocalist, Alston Katt Burton and on keyboards, Tristan Richards and Kirk Oneil Gayle.

The band linked up with Culture Yard Records, Productions and Management in August 2011 to officially release their sophomore album to the world, the aptly titled, Spread the Love. The album was recorded in Jamaica with all music produced and arranged by Live Wyya.

Live Wyya is a Roots Rock Reggae group of high inspiration and demonstrate passion through their music and culture. Their outstanding ability to produce quality work and exhibit professionalism have have allowed them to emerge as Jamaicas number one band.

Live Wyya spells positive energy and they are here to motivate, educate and entertain people across the globe through their music and energetic performances.

Dragon's Nest, Port Townsend, WA
15th Annual Irie Seabreeze Festival, Long Beach
8th Annual North West World Reggae Festival
Worldbeat Center, San Diego, CA
5th Reggae Consciousness, Seattle, WA
Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA
Belly Up, Aspen, CO
Love Fest (St. Lucia)
Sierra Nevada Music Festival (California)
Bob Marley Festivals (California, Mexico, etc)
BB. Kings (New York City)
Irie Jamboree (New York)
House of Blues (Anaheim, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, etc)
Hard Rock Caf
Love Fest (St. Lucia)
Callaloo Festival (St. Lucia)
Supreme Weekend (St. Lucia)
Reggae on the Hill (Barbados)
Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival (Jamaica)
Jamaica Jazz Festival (Jamaica)
Rebel Salute (Jamaica)
Reggae Sumfest (Jamaica)
Reggae Sunsplash (Jamaica)
Sting (Jamaica)
East Fest (Jamaica)
Western Consciousness (Jamaica)
Christmas Extravaganza (Jamaica)
Ocho Rios Kite Festival (Jamaica)
Rototom Sunsplash(Spain)
(Also performances across Europe, Africa, Asia, United Kingdom, North, South & Central America, The Caribbean)


EME (Excellence in Music and Entertainment) Award 2011
Best instrumental band with vocals

Irawma Awards (New York, U.S.A)
Best Backing Band - 2005 - 2008

Jamaica Federation of Musicians Awards (JFM) (Jamaica)
Best Backing Band 2000 2006
Best Show Band 2005 2006

Joe Higgs Awards (Massachusetts, U.S.A)
Best Backing Band 2009

Irie Fm Big Break (Jamaica) 2002

Global Battle of the Bands (Jamaica, England) - 2004