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Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bitter Ugly Truth cd review"

‘Livid sits solidly within the new metal category; all the trappings are there in spades on their album Bitter Ugly Truth. The guitar is sludgy and raw but tight and textured. Guitarist Vaughn Klein usually fills the rhythm guitar roll with chunks, chops, and power chords aplenty, but he is also ready to kick in a weird sound effect and supply the pseudo-psychedelic coloring that breaks up and adds flavor to the abusive rhythm riffs that dominate the songs. The bass guitar is thick and tuned low enough to inspire a bowel movement. When combined with the power grooving of drummer J. Stone, the band builds a rock-solid foundation of heavy metal upon which singer Mike Loomis can work his magic. Loomis can belt out rhythm verses with the intensity of Pantera singer Phil Anselmo and capture the melody and harmony of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd. His performance is excellent and his voice and style mesh perfectly with the instrumentation. The songs generally seem to reflect the trapped/frustrated/manic essence that defines most of the last two and a half decades of heavy metal; the delivery is particularly impressive.
Anybody can tune low and copy the hits, but it takes an exceptional band to fit so snugly into a category while achieving a level of competence that sets them apart from the wannabes. Livid is a band that knows what they are about and they use their influences to good effect without ever sounding exactly like any of them. Bitter Ugly Truth definitely follows the new metal formula, but for those who are fans of the style, Livid is a welcome addition.’

-excerpt CD review from Rick’s Cafe
- Rick's Cafe


Bitter Ugly Truth



Livid has brought their explosive music across stage after stage since 2003. Their intense and high energy live shows have had them opening up for countless mainstays in their genre including - Godsmack, Sevendust, Dope, Drowning Pool, Soil, Breaking Benjamin, Nonpoint, Flyleaf and many more. After taking a brief hiatus from 2006-2009 for members pursue side projects and other musical interests - LIVID is back...reborn...taking the stage with fury and vengence once again.