Living in Trees

Living in Trees

 Waterloo, Ontario, CAN

Living in Trees are a five piece rock group from Waterloo, Ontario. With varying influences and styles, the music has a blend of everything from rock, blues and punk. We make music that we thoroughly enjoy and hope others will too.


Founded in 2011, Living in Trees is a Canadian five piece from Waterloo, Ontario. The overall influences for the band include Pink Floyd, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, The Raconteurs and many more.

Other influences that inspire the members individually cover a wide range of genres and forms of art with varying types of artists. From Godspeed You! Black Emperor to The Velvet Underground. A Clockwork Orange to Brave New World. A vast amount of different influences take part in what inspires the music and completes the sound of Living in Trees.

In December of 2011, Living in Trees self-released their eponymous debut EP. Living in Trees writes, composes and performs all songs on the EP. They are currently playing many local shows and working on their next set of songs to be released on a new untitled EP this summer.


Living in Trees EP - Living in Trees (2011)

Set List

Masked Dogs
Steel the Sky
The Manahatta
Steady/Straightway Dangerous
Little Heavy

(the set is always being rearranged, updated and added to with every new show)