Living Proof Movement

Living Proof Movement

 Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA

What is "Urban Gospel Go Go"?
Well, you really have to experience it for yourself, but here's a glimpse: start with Mo-town, add some Caribbean percussion, go a little heavier on the keyboards & top it all off with a mixture of smooth vocals & light rap.


The Living Proof Movement consists of a group of anointed young men from the Washington D.C. Metro Area ranging in age from High School to Young Adults who are on a mission to bring hope back to the hood. Having performed at countless church events, The Living Proof Movement is not limited to the gospel sector, but instead has secured mainstream engagements in an effort to reach "unchurched" people. The Living Proof Movement is determined to go where God wants them to go and do what He tells them to do. They don't just Crank the Word of God through go-go music, but they Live The word of God, they are The Living Proof Movement!


Living Proof have released a EP this year, you can get it by emailing them @ .