Living Stone

Living Stone


Living Stone comes from a variety of musical directions that come together in a substantive blend of strong smooth vocals, vintage guitar tones, funk laced rythmns and heartfelt, well crafted songs. The band features smooth, distinctive female lead vocals and a very listenable sound.


Evangeline Jackson a member of the Prairie Island Mdwakenton Dakota tribe, had been on stage since the age of four, traveling North America singing gospel music with her family when she met Randy Jackson, a member of the Whitefish Lake First Nation, a Cree tribe in Canada. For ten years they performed together with Sunrise, one of the first aboriginal groups to perform and record all original songs reflecting their spritual journey. They traveled to native communities from Alaska to Florida before moving to the Minneapolis area and forming Living Stone in 1999.
In 2002, drummer/ percussionist Percy Gutierrez joined the group. Percy had been playing professionally in the Minneapolis area since the early nineties and has worked with national artists Go Fish and Bryan Duncan as well as blues singer Renee Austin.


Albums: "Spirit Whisper" (2004) - Available at CD
"South Dakota Wind" (1999) (Limited Availability)

Soon to be released single "Space in My Heart" willl be available at website...stay tuned.

Set List

Set List varies, Usually several songs from "Spirit Whisper" album as well as newly written songs that will be soon released on forthcoming album. Check our website at for song clips from Spirit Whisper.