Living The Dream

Living The Dream


Our voices are a blend of the western sky, they'll make your mouth water, even when its dry. Hire this band we make em cream, thats right my man we're livin the dream.


After polishing their musical chops for years playing the house party circuit of Kalamazoo, Living The Dream stepped out of the basement and into the local rock scene playing a weekly show every Thursday night at Firehouse Bar and Grill. This summer marks the beginning of a long strong string of shows out in beautiful South Haven’s esteemed Captain Lou’s Bar. Their debut Album, A Fresh Explosion of Color and Sound , mixes the uncorked brilliance of Mario Bourzac’s face melting guitar work with pop infused vocal melodies created by Tim Finnigan. The rhythm section is comprised of Tim Pallin’s testical quaking bass lines providing a sturdy backbone to the sound and Kellen Macklin’s inner rhythmic genius releasing upon the drumheads. This blend of smoke and sizzle melded into a sound perfect for capturing the hearts of a new generation of eager fans. With standout tracks like "Bad Decisions,"�Count on Me�, and “Drop�, Living The Dream can count on a bright future full of good fortune and success.


Shit Happens

Written By: Tim Finnigan

Shit Happens
-Tim Finnigan

Verse 1:
Last night some chick puked on my carpet, There’s really nothing I could do
I watched it hit the floor, this song is for the whore, Who made me clean her puke

Another time I got a ticket, for 50 in a 45
I probably should have capped, that piggy in his ass, instead I paid the fine

It’s for the tow truck driver, who wouldn’t gimme back my car
I caught you at your truck, jacked my baby up, made me walk to where you are
I caught you at your truck jacked the black pearl up, made me walk to where you are

Thank you for the sucker punch thank you little jerk who stole my lunch
You can try but you’re never gonna hold me down
I won’t stop I’ll keep on keepin on, to the top until I’m dead and gone
Watch out baby karma comes back around

Verse 2:
It’s dedicated to the bouncer, who wouldn’t let me in the bar
Took away my fake, cover up my license plate gonna hit you with my car

It’s for the kid who stole my ipod I wonder if you’re doing well
One day you will see you’re a liar and a thief, and you’ll probably burn in hell

This song goes out to my professor Who never let me take that test
Came to class a little late now I gotta shitty grade it’s a hard pill to digest
How I show up 3 minutes late now I cannot graduate thank you doctor you’re the best


Fly, Fly, I’ll spread my wings and learn to fly

Now here’s the moral of the story, life’s gonna knock you on your butt
There’s no point in feeling down karma will come back around, keep your cool and don’t give up
There’s no point in feeling down karma will come back around, keep your cool and don’t give up

Bad Decisions

Written By: Tim Finnigan & Tim Pallin

Bad Decisions
– Living The Dream
Shots all around, feel em burn, as the ninth goes down I throw up in my mouth, I’m okay, whoa
I’m locking eyes, with this girl that my friends recognize they advise me to stay far away
But the room starts spinning and I can’t think, she’s lookin better with every drink
She walks to the door she gives me a wink and she takes me home

Don’t know, what I did last night I blacked out again I
Tend to make bad decisions every now and then

Verse 2:
A bra some d’s, a cigarette butt, put out in an old grilled cheese, are just some of the things surrounding me
Where are my pants who is this slut, did we do the naked dance, I’m gonna guess, the answers yes
I feel a tickle in the pickle when I go pee and I piss all over her toilet seat, (quiver)
I dribble and a little sprinkles on my feet and that’s just not sweet


Verse 3:
Then, she wakes up, looks at me, and oddly enough I read guilt in her eyes, whoa no
She starts to talk, but she’s interrupted, by a loud angry knock so I hide my cock, behind a pillow
Then her pissed off boyfriend kicks down the door(door kicked in), starts freakin out, calls her a whore
Comes at me like a bat out of hell and he rings my bell (knockout bell x3)

Final Chorus:
Her Boyfriend beat my ass and I blacked out again
Don’t’ go home or sleep with strangers, listen to your friends

Under The Stairs

Written By: Tim Pallin

Under the Stairs
-Tim Pallin

Verse 1: Brown shoes, brown shirt, brown eyes, brown hair. My eyes locked tightly in your stair. From the moment we first touched, I knew that this was so much more than just a casual encounter.
Pre-chorus: So come and walk with me I’ll take you where you should be
Chorus: So we danced all night under the stairs, you and me baby who the hell cares? Lets find a little corner and settle down.
Verse 2: Front row while I’m up with the music, lets hurry babe don’t wanna lose this! I can think of so many things, never had any other flings like this, it can’t just fade away
Bridge: So lets go back now to our lives, they’re boring but this story keeps me alive. Remember we didn’t sleep that much? Kinda drunk and the sun was up, and down and round and round we’ll spin until we hit the ground girl.

You'll Find It Here

Written By: Tim Finnigan

You’ll Find It Here
- Tim Finnigan

Life might throw a curveball, smash you in the ground
Believe that I will be there when they kick you while you’re down

They can criticize you, wounding words will cut
Consider me your band aid, I’ll be there to patch you up

Got no rhyme or reason, to think you don’t amount
When they get the best of you don’t sweat boy you can

Ya think youre out, on your own, but you my friend are not alone
strong arms all around ya you can count on me
Heart is sore, faith is weak, just can’t shake the losing streak
Got lost and I found you you can count on me

Well, I’m not made of money, cause I don’t got no job
But I don’t care I’ll share with you and give you what I got

Call upon your brother, in your time of need
Help out one another, because we are family,

If you’re needing something, I will help you out
In Hoc Signo Vinces Brother, you know you can count



Written By: Tim Pallin

- Tim Pallin

You took the best part of me and ripped it into shreds
Now the weight of my heart doesn’t match, the weight of your regrets

You infect my lungs and I’m choking on the air

One last night to fall asleep hold you in my arms
Taste the traces of your kiss they set off my alarms
Now you walk away as if, as if you never knew
A love so deep it conquered us, it’s over’s never true

Stay far away from me your wicked lies are twisted
Poison words now flowing through, flowing through my veins

You infect my lungs and I’m choking on the air

And I’ve said I’m sorry too many times before,
Its lost its meaning now, I wont waste my breath anymore and breath you in.

The Waiting Game

Written By: Tim Pallin

The Waiting Game
-Tim Pallin

Verse 1: Heavy sigh as another flies away, and I’m stuck inside to hide another day. I’ve been searching for a lover or just one to share the pain, but all I find is that love is blind, another unfair game.

Chorus: Waited all this time but signals crossed and what we had was dying. Said “I’ll be fine” that’s what they all say, and she knew I was lying, so I walked away.

Verse 2: Light my cigarette as I soon regret decisions I have made. Fingers through my hair I begin to tear mental pictures we have made. Now I can’t stand as I reprimand myself for what I say, “please leave this room, don’t come back soon, it’ll never be the same.”

Bridge: I’m kickin’ myself now that time has expired, the winds under your wings and

He Crashed

Written By: Tim Finnigan

He Crashed
-Tim Finnigan

Intro: add car crash sound effect

Verse 1:
It started out normal, on just another day. His clothing, informal, bottle of E & J
He hopped behind the wheel, thinking life is great
He drove a stick and he shifted quick now here’s his fate

He crashed, always drove his car too fast, a body in the grass, cut with broken glass
He crashed, always drove his car too fast, stretcher for a bed, he’s lucky he’s not dead

Verse 2:
Why is it the worst things, happen to the best guys,
His bad luck is the first thing that popped into my mind
I’ll be there for you, holding your hand tight,
ya gotta bloody head but the doctor said that you’ll be alright

He crashed, always drove his car too fast, body in the grass, cut with broken glass
He crashed, always drove his car too fast, stretcher for a bed, he’s lucky he’s not dead

Lost Love

Written By: Tim Pallin

Lost Love
-Tim Pallin

Verse 1:
When he was riding on the train back home from a trip she made them take when they were both young it went by so, by so fast. He was waiting, so frustrating how its changed since then. He had a secret that he kept above, that if she’d known she would’ve fallen in love but now they’ll never, never know she was waiting contemplating just the same as him.

He’s got no room for the secrets he lost his love this time. If you feel it speak it lets see what happened after time.

She was never gonna make the first move and wouldn’t even if she was in his shoes it was so hard, hard to say, hearts were racing warm embracing, just her dreams for now. Patiently waiting she just needed a shove and if she’d had it he’d have fallen in love but now they’ll never, never know this went on for years and years oh! How its changed since then.

After all this time he went out and settled for a girl that never measured up to her YEAH! And after all this time she married a man who wasn’t scared to tell her how he felt oh no no no.

The Man You Love

Written By: Tim Finnigan

The Man You Love
-Tim Finnigan

Intro: Melodic Guitar Riff accompanied with violin

Verse 1:
A E Bm D
For you, I’ll do no matter what it takes to make up my mistakes. The steepest
A E Bm D
mountains I’ll hike the deepest valleys I will dive a million miles I will drive
A C#m Bm Dm
To show you how much you mean to me I would swim across the sea

A A7
I wanna be the man you wanna love I Wanna be the guy your thinkin of
F#m F ED
When your sad I’ll be your clown I’ll pick you up when you fall down
A A7
I wanna hold you close when you get cold Swingin on a porch when we get old
F# F E D A
I’ll do all of the above just to be the man you love

Verse 2:
A E Bm D
Just for your warmth to see your gorgeous face I’d shoot up into space
A E Bm D
Hail storms, deep snow, I’ll lasso the moon for you, wrap it up and form fit tackle a tornado
A C#m Bm Dm
I know I sound outrageous and naive that’s what your lovin does to me


2 measure solo

Build Up
Bm D A E
I will do anything to win you back, crush my bones, dunk on shaq
Bm D A E
I’ll swim in deadly waters spill my blood, risk my life, in a shark attack
Bm D A Esus4 E
Whatever I must do to get my point across to you I won’t give up until I have you back



We recently released our first EP this winter, a Fresh Explosion of Color and Sound. It's been played on two local radio stations 89.1 WIDR and 107.7 WRKR. It can be found online at

Set List

Our Set list ranges from The Beatles and the Stones to Aretha Franklin and Sir Mix-Alot to Green Day and Blink. We have enough covers to perform a 3 1/2 hour set, and enough originals to perform a 2 hour set.

Song Title Artist
1. All My Lovin’ Beatles
2. All The Small Things Blink 182
3. Amber 311
4. Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet
5. Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot
6. Ballroom Blitz Sweet
7. Basketcase Green Day
8. Because I Got High Afroman
9. Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones
10. Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf
11. Boys of Summer The Ataris
12. Brainstew Green Day
13. Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
14. Build Me Up Buttercup The Foundations
15. Can’t Buy Me Love Beatles
16. Celebrate Kool and The Gang
17. Cold Hard Bitch Jet
18. Come on Feel the Noise Quiet Riot
19. December Collective Soul
20. Do You Love Me The Contours
21. Even Flow Pearl Jam
22. Face Down Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
23. Feel Like Making Love Bad Company
24. Flagpole Sitta Harvey Danger
25. Flavor of the