Living Things

Living Things

 Los Angeles, California, USA

“The strength of Living Things is not the defiant antiestablishment fist pumping(though there is plenty) but the tunes!”
-- Spin Magazine, February 2009
"Filled with undercurrents of political issues, youthful turbulence and of course, lust, Living Things songs are an impeccable screen shot of today’s turbulent society."
-- Filter ,Feb. 3, 2009

"The latest Living Things song, called Let It Rain, is moody and dreamy and screamy – perfect for late night venting or early morn


On 3/7 Living Things released a “mixtape”, MALOCCHIO, as a free download via their webiste.
The mixtape was recorded during a 7-day recording session from Jan 4-11 2011, produced by Lillian Berlin with co-producer/engineer Bill Skibbe (Fiery Furnaces, The Dead Weather, The Kills). The sessions took place in Los Angeles at the band’s studio, Berlin Family Basement, which is situated in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood, and in Kingston, Jamaica at Militia Sound. Malocchio is the first of two mixtapes by the band (Malocchio, Ayin Ha’ra ), second one to be released in the early summer 2011. The series will end with a release of Living Things’ still untitled third full-length album out this fall.


EP (2003) Turn In Your Friends And Neighbors (Dreamworks); U.S. only
EP (2003) The Blackout Generation (Loog); U.K. only
EP (2004) Resight Your Rights (DreamWorks)
Album (2004) Black Skies In Broad Daylight (Dreamworks)
Album (2005) Ahead Of The Lions (Jive)
Album (2009) Habeas Corpus (Jive)
Mixtape (2011) Malocchio (Brotherly)