Living With Jane

Living With Jane


We're just trying to get back to good old rock 'n roll. Lyrics that make you think and sounds that reach out to the soul. (Incidentally, that rhymes but it wasn't meant to.)


As artists, we get a high out of getting out and playing. Rock , Pop - all kinds of music, really. The style of writing comes from a yearning to create and express the things that sometimes we're too shy to say in real life. Think Journey meets Pink. A beautiful balad or an angry song of betrayal. It's all beautiful art in our eyes.


Slow Down

Written By: K. Moniz

Ease off the gas
You're goin' too damn fast
Don't wanna repeat the past
I'm just here tryin' to make this last

You gotta stop pushin
If you're gonna move me
Gotta let destiny
Let it work, if it's meant to be

Slow Down
Why don't we take a better pace
Don't wanna break down
You just gotta give me a little damn space
Slow Down
Why don't you take a better pace
Don't want you to break down

You're racin' down the track
Still going too damn fast
I'm wonderin' what you're running from
What kind of ghosts lay in your past

Give it 'till the end
You nevefr know what's around the bend
You've gotta save what you got
Before it's gone, ready or not


Slow Down
He Loves Her
Mean To Be

Set List

Set List
1. Rock 'n Roll Lullaby
2. Just Wanna Ride (the disco song)
3. Puerto Rico Rain
4. Drunken Fool
5. Let Me Be
6. You Don't Need Any Saving
7. Slow Down
8. All You can Do
9. Drunken Angel (Cover)

Set can be up to 40 minutes. Typical covers, are bluesy rock - Lucinda Williams, Melissa Etheridge