Inspired by the 60’s/70’s Jamaican culture we try to adds another dimension. We want to take you back to the Golden Age, by recreating the felted atmosphere belonging to this era. With strong influences of Black American music, Motown, strongly Blues. We give our definition of reggae, an happy music


Livin' Soul has got seven members, all from the Marais Poitevin region, between Poitiers - La Rochelle, and Niort. A group formed after the meetings of Paul, Arthur, Julien and Seb, then schoolboys! Together, they try the cover versions (Beatles, Ray Charles, gospel...) then discover Marley and the reggae. The route was clear and the road widened, the group spends a bit of time with brass, and gets settled, during the new millenium, after the arrivals of John, Hugo and Loïc. The three albums were produced by the group and signed by the Active Sound label, Mosaic Music label, an independent Distributor based in Toulouse.
We are inspired by the 60’s/70’s Jamaican culture, with strong influences of Black American music, Motown, and of course strongly Blues.


“Sweet Lane”, 2003, (ACTive Sound / Mosaic Music)
“As a spring”, 2005, (ACTive sound / Mosaic Music)
“The Bridge”, Mai 2007, (ACTive sound / Mosaic Music)