Livin' The Dream

Livin' The Dream


Livin' The Dream is a sole-proprietorship music-based lifestyle, in the form of an aural portrait that invites listeners and fans to be a part of the creative process.


Originally conceived in 2004, actual implementation did not begin until November 2011. The group is focused around entrepreneur Timothy Schrock as owner, bandleader, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, choreographer, and performer. Styles range from early music to present, and influences are drawn from collaborations with local musicians, samples from sounds of the immediate environment, or literally from dreams. No style is left behind as long as it's purpose serves the fundamental law of the group: as long as you're doing what you want with your life AT THIS MOMENT, then your unhappiness is nobody's fault but your own.


Priceless Original Ideas - 2006
ZENITH - 2012