L IV Productions

L IV Productions

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandPopHip Hop

John Mayer meets Justin Bieber. We write songs & live in Music Capitol USA.


L IV Productions is a large team that focuses on music production (beats, engineering, & producing) in addition to videography (music videos, trailers, etc.). We can make the beat, write the rhyme, record it, mix it, and shoot a video for it, all done in house. It's amazing what a team of creative and hardworking people can manage to get done without a major budget or a record label. Having influences that range from the greats such as Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder, to John Mayer and Chris Brown, it’s a difficult task to try and pinpoint one particular genre that L IV can be categorized into. Sebastian describes his own music as falling into his own genre he calls, “hip-pop,” hip hop with a modern twist of the ever-evolving trends of pop music.


Sebastian, "Command Sp_ce" and "Feel.Write.Music."
J. Cyrus, "Table For One"