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Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"LiyahMoni's Blow Up"

LiyahMoni (Lee-Ah-Ma-Knee) is a 20 year old upcoming female rapper/song-writer from Columbus, Ohio. Raised by her mother and has two younger siblings, she began writing music when she was 8 years old. When she was 15, LiyahMoni began to put out freestyle videos on YouTube and songs, feeling like it was time she should let the world hear her story and allow her to change the game. She joined Priceless Entertainment, an independent label with a few other talented artists in Columbus, Ohio. With her new found family she continued to write music and put out her sounds. Pleased with the feedback from listeners around the world, LiyahMoni began working on mixtapes and collaborations with other artists around Ohio and everywhere else. She’s three mixtapes in and is just starting her domination. She is also in the works of starting a movement for women and young girls called, “Queen Theory,” believing every female deserves to be a Queen and should think highly of their self. You can check out her latest EP, Dysfunctional on Be on the look out for her upcoming mixtape Before The Crown, coming this November - RB Lifestyle


In the past, Columbus, Ohio has scarcely been considered a prominent home base for female rappers, but leaders of the new school including Stephenie Denise and Bree the Rapper amongst others, have negated that assumption. At 22 years old, rapper Liyah Moni’s third EP ‘It Starts Here 2’ has quantified her place in the Columbus hip-hop scene, with a swaggering, no-holds-barred truth and pride about her artistry.

Liyah Moni’s project opens with the dreamy, languorous Recognize’, which features vocalist Alex, in which Moni notes her promises and desires as an artist: “Aren’t they tired of second placement?/I’m coming up but I ain’t a runner up.” The track is a calm listen, even upon Liyah Moni’s swift rhymes.

The EP takes a slight drop on ‘Body Language’ and ‘Therapy Interlude’; however, they are not at Moni’s liability. The sexually tinged ‘Body Language’ features an interpolation of ‘Pony’ by Domo Favors, but it is his altered vocals that hinder the progression of the track. Liyah Moni herself even sounds uncomfortable on the track, with the carnal repetition of “Don’t stress me out, just stretch it out.”

‘Therapy Interlude’ with sole vocals by The Ace of Spades, includes sleepy vocals by The Ace of Spades atop of a hazy production. While the production itself is smooth, the song itself seems out of place with the EP.

Though features on ‘It Starts Here 2’ may diminish the quality of the project, this does not hinder Liyah Moni’s lyrical bravado. In fact, she reclaims herself on standout cuts such as ‘City Love’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ and the front running ‘Gimmie More’. The latter song, is club-oriented, in which her sexual content sounds stronger when she is being boastful rather than on an slower, erotic track (‘Body Language’). Though Moni’s vocals on the testimonial ‘Do Not Disturb’ are off base with production, she explains her singular mode, having peace within being her own artist without any distractions: “I’m over that crew love, most of the people in your circle don’t show love.”

The final track is ‘May I?’, where Liyah Moni professes that she does not aspire to liken herself with other female rappers beyond her own realm: “Want me to sound like Lil Kim or Nicki M., but I don’t wanna sound like them/I got my own sound from Ohio.”

‘It Starts Here 2’ is a solid effort from Liyah Moni, with her consistency and resilient penmanship. Even as Moni roams for new experiences (“I love my city, though there’s more to life, and I’m tryna view it all”), it is her firmly rooted loyalty to her home, which will continue to propel her gift. - Fly Paper Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



 Emonie Maliyah Stinnett, better known by her stage name LiyahMoni, is an American Hip Hop recording artist and songwriter. Born and raised in Ohio; LiyahMoni began expressing her love for hip-hop at an early age. At the age of fifteen she started gaining recognition from her YouTube page that fueled her to continue to share her world with those who listened.

LiyahMoni; born in Springfield, Ohio and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She was raised in a single parent home with two younger half siblings. LiyahMoni voices her daily struggles throughout her music; from having issues with her father, relationships, and struggles that her family has faced emotionally and financially. Her smooth delivery and poetic word play catches anyone’s attention and allows them to fall in love with her musically.

LiyahMoni fell in love with writing music at the age of eight. Her influences were MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, EVE, Lauryn Hill, and Da Brat. She loved seeing women rock the microphone. However, she grew up on soul/r&b music she was not blessed with the vocals to pursue that field. That did not stop her from writing songs for that genre. At the age of fifteen she began recording covers to her favorite songs and posting the videos on YouTube. After getting recognition locally and out of state her supporters grew and so did her confidence. She became acquainted with local independent artists and then joined Priceless Entertainment (an independent record label/ AF. Loud Music Group).

LiyahMoni released her first mixtape The New Girl in 2011. Then after she released Harley Quinn, and Dysfunctional – EP. She is currently working on an EP and mixtape that will set her position for her professional career. 

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