Liza Marie B. Sparks

Liza Marie B. Sparks

 Vallejo, California, USA

Just wondering how and why and enjoying it while it's still here. Not set in stone about one genre. Writing to heal me. My music medication.

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I’ve been writing since I was in grade school, and winning poetry contests and such. But I never dreamed I would be writing poems and putting them to music.

Moving from a very active and physical lifestyle to one of illness is very difficult. For me, I had to re-learn my body and energy levels. I have lived with Systemic Lupus since 1992 and now re-battling Systemic Lupus Nephritis.

In August of 2007 I suffered a stroke which awakened a part of my brain to music. I lost feeling in my left hand which allowed me to play the guitar for hours! Writing and creating music has been such a huge part of my recovery that I don’t think I would have recovered as fast as I did without it.

January to April 2009, I was hospitalized. Dialysis was part of the treatment as well as others treatments that were just as painful and unpleasant. However, ‘you do what you do in the face of adversity’. I reminded myself each time I saw my loving husband’s and brave son’s faces when they came to visit me in the hospital. Long lonely hours of labs, pills, exams, treatments, IV’s, busted IV’s, painful infiltration of IV’s and other mind melting things being in a hospital can do to a person.

My husband knowing the routine of hospitals, brought me pad, pen, and my travel guitar. What a savior that was for me to have. With my Sierra Compass, I was able to bring out some of my frustrations.I got better, saved my sanity and I am home now with some very nice songs.

Armstrong and Getty morning talk radio gave me a different type of inspiration.I entered their radio morning theme show contest. Thank you, Jack Armstrong, (who I giggle so much at) and Joe Getty, who I admire, respect, and hope to watch him play with his band, Joe Getty and The Dead Flowers.

I want to thank Mr. Bob Kinney who is one of the best humans on the planet.I learn so much from him and continue to find new things that make me a better songwriter and person. All the people of Consumer Music in Vallejo, CA. Brad Sears, Bill Mooney, and everyone…Thank you as always.

Thank you Gary Black, Zell, and Mr. Chuck Tennin.

Last, but never least, my family, who always puts up with my illness and always waits for me to emerge from the ugly sea I sometimes wade in. Most of my inspirations come from them. I love you…and if ever it happens that I am left to my own mind, I will have so many loving memories to relive and be fulfilled for a second lifetime.
Liza Marie B. Sparks


The Ugly

Written By: Liza Marie B. Sparks

Crawl upon the floor,
heading for the door
stop me now
I can feel it dressing me again

clothe me in your fear and doubt
silence me when I scream and shout
here it comes
trying to be my friend

I feel the ugly...
I feel the ugly...
I feel the ugly...

I know its there
crawling though me - tearing through me
spoiling the sweetness of my sanity

Why should we pretend?
you know its happening again

Scratch a dirty itch
seems I always miss
the part that satisfies the need
in me

Here it knocking deep inside
Rob me of my faith and pride
here it come - here it comes
trying to be my friend - again

I feel the ugly...
I feel the ugly...
I feel the ugly...
in me

Clothe me in your fear and doubt
silence me when I scream and shout
here it comes here it comes trying to be my friend

Spoiling the sweetness of my sanity
oh leave me be
and set me free

I feel the ugly