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If You Believe

Not This Time (Hurricane Katrina fundraising single)



The onset of Lizann’s musical journey is not one that begins with the old adage “ever since she was a little girl, all Lizann wanted to do was sing…” In fact, the whole songwriting process happened to land its hopeful head upon her lap quite by chance. Born and raised in Montreal, Lizann credits her decision for she and her spouse to move back home in 2003, after having spent several years in the U.S, as the catalyst to her songwriting career.

"When 9/11 occurred, our livelihood was somewhat compromised so we decided to pack everything up and come back to our roots. Something interesting happens when you have all your material possessions in storage for over a year, you are living with family, and all you have to remind you of your past is an upright piano. We were basically starting our lives over in every respect. One day my husband sat at the piano and started playing something that called to me in a way I can't describe. That day I found a voice and a passion I didn't know I had. When a new beginning was needed, Divine Intervention came in the form of a song."

Realizing that a singer/songwriter lay dormant within a writer of poems, she has since then immersed herself in the songwriting process and continues to be a student of the Bel Canto technique, perfecting the voice that is an integral part of her unique style. She's had three of her songs featured in the play "Love Pizza"( produced by VLE) and has provided the melody, lyrics and vocals for "The Wild Party"(coming soon to Bravo!), a short animated film by award- winning animator Theodore Ushev. The writing of "Not This Time", a song she used to raise funds for a New Orleans family affected by Hurricane Katrina, is a project that truly reflects Lizann's spirit. Being able to positively make her way into the lives of others through her music is at the forefront of what she believes in.

Lizann’s debut album, “If You Believe”, produced by platinum-selling Quebec producer Peter Ranallo, and released under her own label 3DR(headed by she and her husband), marks a collection of eleven songs that represent Lizann’s initiation into the songwriting world. An artist whose songs ring with emotional truth, her works are melodically driven and lyrically poetic. With a voice simply described as "beautiful", she reels you in upon first listen.

“This album, in a sense, represents an awakening for me; an introduction to a world which allows me to share my truth through the combination of words and melody. There is an underlying theme of discovery that runs through this album; discovery on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. For me, each song has its own special place, identity and meaning. Watching them come to life, listening to them side by side morphing into what has become my ‘first album’, is nothing short of magical. They say that behind every artist lies a story; mine is one wrought with the elements of chance, coincidence, and an ultimate desire to succeed at all odds. I look forward to sharing my musical journey and story with all of you.”

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