Liz Berlin

Liz Berlin



Over their twenty-year history, Liz and Rusted Root have toured the Country with Santana, the Allman Brothers, Joan Osbourne, Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, Page and Plant, Jewel, and The Grateful Dead among many others.
They have appeared on numerous national television shows such as David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and VH-1's Hard Rock Live, and their music has been featured in many films and TV shows such as Ice Age, Twister, and various MTV programs. Rusted Root's large and loyal following has proven to be a significant draw regardless of radio play, press or record sales. And their performances have come to be known as somewhat of a celebration.

Liz has recently released her first solo studio album, "AudioBioGraphical". She breaks new ground in this remarkable self produced effort with a solid variety of sounds moving effortlessly through and around genres. Her other CD, "Liz Berlin -Live" is a culmination of three different shows that have been recorded at Mr. Smalls Funhouse & Theatre.

As a solo artist, Liz Berlin's performances are highly anticipated She has performed many shows in the last 10 years, including the H.O.R.D.E. Festival in 1996, the 1997 Lilith Fair, and The Great Blue Heron Festival 2000 in Jamestown, NY. Liz embraces her creativity through personal interaction, intimate songwriting, and her emotionally charged voice. Raised on classical voice training as a child, she has sung with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Opera. This was the beginning of the long and twisted path through the worlds of folk, pop, ethnic, rock, and Rusted Root, through which she has created her own unique artistic style.

At her shows, Liz delivers a truly hypnotic live performance. Her collection of original songs --sometimes tranquil, sometimes funky, sometimes raging-- are written on a very personal level, and her life experiences unfold like chapters in a book. She explores her imagination thoroughly, projecting the fine lines and shadowy corners of her heart and mind with a sensitive intelligence. Audiences become utterly enchanted by her many voices, spiraling at times from tender and chillingly true, into an elegant wailing decree.

She has put her experience and success to good use in her many other ventures. Liz Berlin is part owner of Mr. Small's Fun-house Recording Studio and Mr. Small's Theater, located in the de-sanctified Roman Catholic sanctuary (capacity of 550 people with live audio and recording capabilities). Also within the compound are apartments, art studio spaces, residential facilities for visiting recording clients, an art gallery, and a private, enclosed rectory garden.

And Liz is the point person for Creative.Life.Support, a non-profit offshoot of Mr. Smalls, which aims to bring advanced technologies & opportunities in media arts to the hands of aspiring artists, musicians & creative professionals. Among its activities are a non-profit record label, music & skate camps, an on-going concert series, recording classes and associated artist programs.