Liz Carlisle

Liz Carlisle


"A little bit Faith Hill and a little bit Dar Williams ... that rare songwriter who lets you tap your feet and brood at the same time." - Scott Alarik, Boston Globe


Born and raised in Missoula, Montana, Liz Carlisle paid her way through Harvard University in just about every way imaginable. "I took a snow shoveling job my freshman year and spent my first college Thanksgiving cleaning dorm room toilets,” she remembers.

Missoula knows Liz as a talented high school athlete and a dedicated volunteer. They remember when she appeared on The Today Show to share the inspiring story of her blind physics teacher. So, her hometown wasn't surprised when Liz graduated Summa cum Laude from Harvard. Nor were they surprised when she returned home with a finished album in hand.

From her earliest years, Liz remembers singing along with her father, who played acoustic guitar. She led the drum section in her high school marching band and sang soprano in choir. At age 17, Liz began taking guitar lessons from her father and brought her first used guitar with her to college. "That was probably the one thing that saved me from being homesick," she said. "I could take that guitar out and play 'Just To See You Smile' or 'Fire and Rain,' and feel like I was home somehow."

When Liz started writing her own songs, her father's folk music blended with the country music she'd always loved on the radio in Montana. She began working with producer Russell Wolff in Boston, adding additional influences and a strong musical underpinning to her impassioned stories.

When Liz began performing live in Boston as a sophomore in college, she simply won people's hearts with her genuineness, energy, and passion for human stories. Within a year, she was a familiar face on the local music scene, fast gaining national attention as well. Her first CD, Five Star Day, garnered considerable radio play and press attention from major media like the Boston Globe, Associated Press, Washington Post, and BBC. During her last year at Harvard, Liz attended classes, completed a senior thesis, and played over 100 shows. "It wasn't easy," Liz admits, "but I really believed in what I was doing."

After graduation, Liz left her books behind to pursue music full time. While continuing to perform acoustic shows, she got her first opportunity to open for the country artists who had inspired her since childhood. First it was a concert with Sugarland, then a show with The Wreckers - soon Liz was opening for LeAnn Rimes, Travis Tritt, Lonestar, Diamond Rio, Steve Holy, Miranda Lambert, and Hal Ketchum - in venues all over the country.

What you've got here is Liz's first Nashville record. She is releasing it less than a year after she turned in her last college paper. And what else could she call it, really?

Big Dreams



Written By: Liz Carlisle

What I miss about Montana
No honey, it ain't you

Came back on the red-eye
Boston from Butte
Last thing I needed
Was a phone call from you
You've heard that I'm homesick
Well that might be true
But don't think you're the reason
For my city blues

What I miss about Montana
Is the silver blue sky
On a crisp, clear, cool mornin'
At the dawn of July
Miss the balsamroot flower
All covered in dew
That's what I miss about Montana
No honey, it ain't you

No, I didn't visit
The place we where we'd park
Sure, I might've passed by
On the way to Wal-mart
And how would I know if
It's still in that tree
Your Swiss Army promise
To always love me


Old small town rumors
Die harder than love
Guess someone still likes
The idea of us
It's nothin' but gossip
My needin' your smile
And nothin' but city smog
This red in my eyes


Let Me Be The One

Written By: Liz Carlisle/Russell Wolff

I know it's not the picture perfect setting
It's not a real romantic way to ask
I could've taken you to somewhere special
Where you could just relax

But working hard all flustered, you're my angel
I want to pull you close and kiss your hand
I know it's not all limousines and flowers
And I want you to know I understand


Let me be the one to hold you
Carry you just like I told you
Let me be the center of your sun
Let me be the one to hold you
I won't let you go
When you're tired and there's nowhere left to run
Let me be the one

I know there's many out there who are looking
To wine you, dine you, sweep you off your feet
You know that I don't have that kind of money
Well I just can't compete

But no one else could love you like I love you
I promise you my every night and day
And you don't need your fancy clothes to wow me
'Cause just like that you take my breath away


Maybe in the Next Life

Written By: Liz Carlisle/Russell Wolff

He was talking too long
He was smiling too big
Finally found a woman loved fishing as much as him
Well she tried to give her card
But he had to give it back
Said I don't want to think ‘bout the things that I can't have


Well I’m sorry that it's too late
Love to do a lunch date
Maybe twenty years ago
But now I gotta do right
Kids and an ex wife
Maybe in the next life

He was sitting all alone
At his son's swim meet
Long-legged woman with a large diet soda took the next seat
And it happened all again
There was something in the air
He felt he had to tell her when she offered him her cup, said let’s share


And she said
It doesn't have to be now
It doesn't have to me
But take it from an ex-wife
And a mother of three

It's never ever too late
Go out on a lunch date
Like it’s twenty years ago
'Cause now you gotta do right
Build yourself a next life
The kids’ll tell you so

Never ever too late
Go out on a lunch date
Like it’s twenty years ago
'Cause now you gotta do right
And maybe in the next life


Big Dreams (2007)
Five Star Day (2005)