Lize* Accoe

Lize* Accoe

 Eeklo, Flanders, BEL

Check out this comment by Steve GREENWELL on his myspace page: "Mixing a new album from Belgian artist Lize Accoe. Super Hot Funky Jazz/Soul !! from a killer band!!"


Lize Accoe is a former member of De La Vega. The band made a splash on the Belgian pop scene with a beautiful mini-album and a striking single "Surely". One year later the album "Falling Into Place" considerably broadened the band’s horizon and in 2005 DLV received the Focus trophy for best newcomers at the ZAMU Awards show in Belgium, the pinnacle of three years of hard work.

In 2006 Lize decided to leave the band to focus on her solo career and signed a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing Belgium.
In 2010 Manitoba Records released her first album "Me, versatile me" - produced by Peter Revalk (Wizards of Ooze) and mixed by Steve Greenwell in New-York.


Album: "Me, versatile me"
Released: 23/02/2010
Label: Manitoba Records
Distribution: Coast to Coast (Benelux) and iTunes
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Belgium
Barcode: EAN 5419999103275

Song "Time is on my side" aired on SN Brussels Airlines from 01/05/10 till 31/08/10.
Song "I will" aired in Istanbul on 94,9 FM; in Ankara on 103,1 FM; in Izmir on 107,9 FM and in Eskisehir on 101,7 FM.

Single "Need some sleep"
Label: Manitoba Records
Released: 21/07/2009
Distribution: iTunes
Publisher: Emi Music Publishing Belgium

Aired on SN Brussels Airlines from 01/01/10 till 30/04/10.
Aired on National Radio 1 and FM Brussel from 21/07/09 till 30/11/09.
Aired in Istanbul on 94,9 FM; in Ankara on 103,1 FM; in Izmir on 107,9 FM and in Eskisehir on 101,7 FM.

Single "Art will save the world" by SOMA
Single "Hey Man U Can't Come In" by Savana Station
Title song “Breaking Up” television series Sedes & Belli, soundtrack by Ozark Henry.

The album stayed in the Belgian Charts for 29 weeks.
The album won the Zamu-award for best debut album!