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Dream Deferred

Written By: Liz Gilbert (AKA C Thom)

Nothing feeds a fire a dream deferred...

I drove home last night the long way
and found my guitar lying on the bed
tuned this way
I guess my friends had come by to play
But lately I've been long gone
and hiding.

My thoughts turned to you
and your life
and how a shiver ran through my soul
the second that I saw you
and just how I see you

And all the while a crazy howling wind
was blowing the trees around
Another time Another place
I put aside those years now
So I could see the steps I need to take
to be here
to really be here

(So, I guess I'll stay
a little while longer...)

With one shoulder to the doorway
One turned towards me, blinds me
your kindness runs so slow
through me
Take my hand and tell me all about it
Tell me you are no stranger than I am

(and stay , baby, stay
just a little while longer
Cause it took so long to get here...)

The world is slipping away but
the night holds us to its dark heart
So stay)
Outside everything is crumbling
but there's no laws defining you and me

(so stay, cause it took so long to get here
stay, just a little while longer...)
And no one will be harder on yourself
and you will never settle for a cheap cliche

so stay
It's just like breathing
start again
and it's just like breathing
you start again...