Liz Kelly

Liz Kelly


Honesty abounds when emotions meet music. Liz writes, sings, plays drums, keyboards, guitar, and bass. She's laying it all out there - Her lyrics relate to your life and relationships.


Credits Include:
2004 - November Album of the Month-88.9FM WERS Women in Music
2000/2003 finalist- Guitar Center National drum competition
2003 winner- Worcester Wormtown Awards- best solo act
2002 winner- Berklee College of music songwriter competition
2001 winner- Mars Music drum off

Liz's music is completely original, diverse in style, and passionate. There seems to be no end in sight to the constant growth and creativity that she exemplifies. It is only a matter of time until she will have an even bigger presence in the music scene today. Growing up on a farm with a musical family has paid of for twenty year old Liz Kelly. The youngest of four children learned from her family that she was capable of bringing her unique style and magnetic personality to the world through her work as an artist. Playing to a variety of musical styles and coming up with a sound of her own came naturally to the extremely energetic kid who gravitated to playing the drums as her first instrument. Practicing with as many musicians as often as possible helped her talent to unfold. It was no surprise to anyone who heard her play when she won competitions held by Guitar Center and Mars Music, before she had even graduated high school. Singing was an everyday occurrence in the Kelly household, allowing Liz to use her voice as part of daily routine. Her sister taught her how to harmonize and her mother showed her how to play a few chords on the guitar. It was soon after that Liz introduced her voice to the guitar and started writing her original songs. Liz couldn't resist learning how to play every instrument she could get her hands on. Her music progressed by adding piano, bass guitar, and the vocal beat-box to her credits. She continued her studies at Berklee School of Music's summer program where she received an award for her songwriting abilities. Recording was a natural part of the picture starting with simple recordings on a tape recorder. It was when she met producer, Gary Conlin that the serious recording took place. Conlin recognized Liz's potential as a professional artist. Together they worked to produce her first release, “Maybe Someday”. One year later the recording was featured as Women In Music's album of the month on WERS, the leading college radio station in the U.S.A. Since then Liz has toured and played with various artists nationally, performed as a solo act as well as with her band at many venues in the Boston area. Her music continues to mature and grow and her style becomes more complex and fascinating with every new song she records. With all that she has accomplished, Liz stills wants more from her music. She is back in the studio focusing on more details than she ever has before. By creating beats for other artists, cranking out new material for her next album and redefining some of her favorite pieces from her hundred plus song folio, she is taking advantage of every opportunity for guaranteed success.


love I have

Written By: Liz Kelly

Last night was great
Except for the fact the you don't want me
I watched you sleep
Such a beautiful sight
I could have watched you for hours
But I wish I could have held you dear

Boy you don't know
You don't even know the love that I have for you

Last night I layed in your bed thinking
It was a full size, but only had me in it
I felt so alone, because I wanted you right by my side
But your presence in the house made all my hurt just disappear

Boy you don't know
You don't even know the love that I have for you

I felt cold, pretending
And I felt like an actress, because I couldn't be myself around you
I stuttered and I was star stricken
Because you fasinate me

And boy you don't know
You don't even know the love that I have for you
You don't even know

To Watch

Written By: Liz Kelly

I like it when you drive
Cuz then I get to look at all the crazy outrage
And all the smiles
And the out-of-towners
But it’s a selfish thing I know
But I trust that you’ll bring me where I need to go
So I’ll just sit back and let you drive
I’ll relax and watch the passer-bys

I’m digging my hands into the sand
Watching the leaves dance down
Hovering over me is a gift
To give us
It’s a little chilly now and the lake is cold
And the ripples are steaming

I like to watch the sun and the sky
And I pretend that I’m shining like a distant airplane
But I can hear them coming to take me away
Their thunderous, like my roar
No this doesn’t drag me down, so don’t try and stop this
No this doesn’t drag me down, you can’t take it away
So I’ll just float away on my lake
Cuz this is the one thing that I can’t resist


Written By: Liz Kelly

She was such a pretty girl
Too bad she starting dwelling too much on her fears
I used to know
the so-called good side of her

so she seems to be giving up on all of her dreams
and shes recollecting what her worth seems to be
and she doesn't mind failure

I said why do you try to be sad
she says these pills were just for one last ride
and when the morning comes
i'll be gone

i hope she knows shes not the only person hanging on down low
i gotta tell her that she is not alone
no you'll never be alone this world

i tell her why don't you try to try
you gotta find the things that make you happy
and hold on

i think your so perfect
i think your so perfect to me
your everything i wish i could be
so just hold on
just hold for me


debut cd : Maybe Someday

Set List

I play whatever feels right in that moment. I have around 65 songs that I could play on the acoustic guitar as of now. The length of my set always varies, it depends on the venue. I could play for hours if need be. I usually don't do covers but I have a few that I sometimes play from time to time.