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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFM

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Cabaret




"Liz Labelle Show Review"

Liz Labelle’s star power burned bright and her talent was so big it could hardly be contained on Genghis Cohen’s small stage at a recent stop on her U.S. tour that just wrapped up in Los Angeles, CA. Hailing from Montreal, Labelle is a pop singer-songwriter, trained vocalist and drummer, and a self-taught piano and guitar player. Also supported by guitarist Christian Harrison, he offered a solid, nice accompaniment with texture and color. His cool, understated presence was good contrast and balance to Labelle’s more impassioned and lively demeanor. At 23, Labelle commanded the stage like a seasoned professional. She oozed confidence, charisma and won the audience over right away belting out original material that was fun, catchy and dramatic with a voice that is strong and fluid. The eight song set included “Painless,” Heart Shaped Locket,” “Hot Mess,” “Party Monster,” “Bombs Away” (which is featured in a movie trailer for Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List starring Victoria Justice), “Brave,” French Girl” and “Knuckle Kisses.” Labelle can fit into more mainstream pop style but she can easily veer into alternative and even crossover to a power ballad territory. Last year, Labelle due to her own drive, gumption and tenacity, secured a four-date spot on the Warped Tour because she was seen by the event’s CEO handing out flyers for her music and CDs. This lead to her music being heard by him. Clearly, this exposure helped Labelle hone her chops further. Although, the Genghis Cohen gig was on a much smaller scale, she managed to impress, completely stand out and give the performance her all as if she was entertaining hundreds of people instead of an intimate crowd.
Liz Labelle’s track ‘Bombs Away’ is the first featured song on Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List trailer starring Victoria Justice.” - Harriet Kaplan

"Ian Lee et Liz Labelle lancent le video de Rock This Town"

Bon Dieu qu’on aime le duo Ian Lee/Liz Labelle! Ian unit sa saveur pop au rock de Liz et ça fait BOOM! Les deux chanteurs joignent leurs forces pour la chanson Rock This Town, qui se retrouve sur l’album Comme moi du chanteur.

En collaboration avec Les Productions Gamet, May de The Garlics a participé avec Ian Lee à la production, réalisation, conception et la direction artistique du vidéoclip! Elle nous a d’ailleurs raconté une anecdote de tournage:
« On a essayé de filmer une scène où le band complet recevait des ballons sur lui… Mais on s’est mal compris au décompte alors on n’était ZÉRO synchronisé!!! On a vraiment eu droit à un flop (rires). En plus, Ian et Liz étaient tellement déconcentrés par la horde de ballons lancés qu’on ne pouvait rien garder au montage de la scène tournée. »
On aurait aimé voir pareil!!! La La La La La Laaaaa! - HollywoodPQ

"Ian Lee présente son nouvel extrait Rock This Town en collaboration avec Liz Labelle"

Ian Lee présente son nouvel extrait Rock This Town en collaboration avec Liz Labelle.
OMG! Ian Lee vient de faire le meilleur move en sollicitant les services de Liz Labelle pour la chanson Rock This Town!!!
Après So Nice To Meet You, l’auteur-compositeur-interprète présente son troisième extrait issu de son album Comme moi, co-écrite avec la chanteuse montréalaise qu’on adoooore Liz Labelle: Rock This Town. On en profite d’ailleurs pour vous conseiller l’album Tanqueray Dreams de Liz Labelle (disponible sur iTunes), qui est vraiment excellent!!!
Rock This Town est disponible dès maintenant sur iTunes. Vous pouvez aussi entendre la chanson ICI. - Karine Paradis

"Liz Labelle & Hopeland Delivered A Live Performance At Pub St-Ciboire That Soothed Our Souls"

Liz Labelle has a sweet voice and mesmerized us, last night at Saint-Ciboire Pub & Terasse. - MTL Blog

"NEW MUSIC: Liz Labelle – Bombs Away"

However, for this new tune, it features a heavier usage of electric guitars, causing it to have more of a rocky and grungy edge to it – think Avril Lavigne. This track displays Labelle’s versatility of being able to adapt to different styles.

If you’re looking for something different and fun to listen to, I suggest you look this song up right away. Have fun singing and dancing away to it! - Into The Crowd

"Liz Labelle – Tanqueray Dreams"

There’s no doubt, I love a good pop song. From the excellent power pop stylings of Mike Viola and Adam Schlesinger, to the tightly crafted yet undeniably catchy Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way,” to the strictly guilty pleasure category of pop tunes you’ll find on any top 40 station, I can usually find at least some redeeming element… Because of this, I took on the review of 22-year-old Montreal-based Liz Labelle’s sophomore release and first full-length album, “Tanqueray Dreams.”
Labelle cultivated a love of music from a young age. With singing lessons at age 9, followed by drums, piano, and guitar lessons, and a high school band that made an appearance at Montreal’s Jazz Festival in 2009, Liz went on to continue her music education at Cégep Saint-Laurent. Since then, she has built an impressive list of musical achievements for someone her age.
Having listened to “Tanqueray Dreams” quite a few times over the review period, I found there were things I liked about it, others I didn’t, and others to which I just couldn’t relate. The one thing that really stood out to me is that Labelle has a really good voice. And it doesn’t sound overly produced or auto-tuned either; there are examples online of live performances that show her raw vocal ability. Labelle assisted in the writing of the entire album and switches effortlessly between French and English, although most of the songs are in English. As with a lot of top 40 pop music, lyrically, it’s all laid out on the table and not hard to decipher the overarching themes of relationships (good and bad), partying, and drinking.
“Mad Love,” “Heart Shaped Locket,” and “Hot Mess” are the love-gone-right songs on the album, all typical of what you’d find on pop radio. My favourite of these three was “Hot Mess;” I especially liked the bridge – some great chord changes there. “Painless,” “Lovely Little Liar,” “Bombs Away”, and “It’s Not Me, It’s You” are the in-your-face, love-gone-wrong tracks on the album. The latter two reminded me of pop duo Karmin, and are quite likeable.
While I think this album will appeal mostly to the late teen/early 20s set, the overall production quality here is solid, and Labelle’s voice is just as good, if not better, than some of today’s top pop artists. One thing I didn’t “get” is that Labelle’s sweet disposition in interviews is belied by many of the album’s lyrics. Just one case in point, “Party Monster:” We brought the big guns / Bring in the cavalry / Smells like Merlot, cigarettes, and debauchery / We’re the creatures of the night / You got your spirit / We got your riot / We tearin’ down the whole city just for the hell of it. It’s hard to take this kind of lyric seriously, but I realize Labelle is 22 years old, and it wouldn’t be the first time a pop singer embodied this kind of juxtaposition.
With that said though, I preferred “C’est La Vie” (my fave track on the album). With its Ben Folds meets Coldplay piano, sweeping chorus, and mature lyrics: Even when the sun is fading on your perfect ending / You throw your white flag up ‘cause it’s worth defending … C’est la vie, let me go / Let me run down this lonely road / Where it takes me I don’t know / Better here than what I know… I would love to hear more of this type of song as Labelle matures in her career. - Bucketlist Reviews


Tanqueray Dreams released June 2014 LP
1. Painless
2. Mad Love
3. Heart Shaped Locket
4. Lovely Little Liar
5. Hot Mess
6. Bombs Away
7. Party Monster
8. Love Drugs Bitterness
9. It's Not Me It's You
10. C'est La Vie
11. Dipsomania (Bonus Track)
12. It's Not Me It's You (version franรงaise)



In a game mainly dominated by a male population, how does a woman take her place? Liz’s answer is you don’t mess around and play it as hard as you possibly can. Her hard work, sass and dedication are her loudest traits once you get to know this Montreal based songwriter: she's a boss and the crowd loves it. 

That drive took her on the road following the 2014 Vans Warped Tour from June 13th until August 3rd, accomplishing more than she had expected. Vans Warped Tour founder and CEO, Kevin Lyman, noticed Liz and awarded her with 4 impromptu spots on Warped Tour: Portland, Atlanta, Nashville and Milwaukee. That opened up touring opportunities for our Canadian pop artist, who just came back from an East Coast U.S. tour with North Carolina’s Rookie Of The Year and Nashville locals Jet Black Alley Cat. 

Knocking out radio charting tracks, placing tracks and building her dream team, Liz proves that everything’s possible for an unsigned, self-managed artist, when you believe and work hard for it. She is also a strong advocate of animal protection and is very involved in various mental health campaigns. 

Her latest project, music video for her original track ‘Painless’, depicts mental illness and addiction. With this music video, she promotes to use of creativity to channel through struggles and life’s difficulties by demonstrating both sides of the spectrum, contrasting positive addiction with negative addiction. Liz hopes to inspire people with difficulty to "choose their weapon" instead of giving into their struggles. 

Liz Labelle is a 25-year-old Montreal based singer-songwriter. She is a trained vocalist and drummer, and a self-taught piano and guitar player. That triggered her insatiable hunger for music; Liz took part in the big band in high school as a drummer and vocalist to help feed it.

Liz Labelle already has numerous accomplishments in which she takes pride, starting by the 2009 Montreal Jazz Festival, when she played the main stage. Throughout the years, Liz played in bands with her friends and wandered down the solo route. She released a first EP (as Liz Skalak) in 2011, called Nothing To Hide. Her six-song record features tracks Devil In Disguise, Brave and All That We Are among others.

Throughout her career, Liz has had her fair share of stage time, having shared it with the likes of Against The Current, Rookie Of The Year, This Century, Austin Gibbs, Jet Black Alley Cat, Take Me To The Pilot, Hopeland, The Ready Set, The Lost Deliveries and many others.

Aside from her solo project, Liz has worked with many artists and writers, taking role as a session vocalist and/or writer: Ashland High (Metro Station) featuring Miley Cyrus (Shot In The Dark)Sébastien Lefebvre (Simple Plan), Ian Lee, (Rock This Town), Alter Ego (Déjà Oublié - Top 20 in 2 weeks and in #6 BDS Top 100 charts in a 4 weeks, Jamais la même, Sauve Moi, Last Call), Jay LefebvreThe Lost Boys production group, formed by ex Mission District members Dave Rancourt and Antoine RochetteNation Ruckus and many more.

Liz landed a few license deals in the recent past. Bombs Away has appeared in R.L. Stein (Goosebumps) movie Mostly Ghostly and opens the movie trailer for Nickelodeon film starring Victoria Justice called Naomi And Ely's No Kiss List. Canadian film maker Gavin Boothe also picked up 3 songs to include in his feature film The Scarehouse.

Liz released her debut full-length record in June 2014. She collaborated with two Arizona producers and songwriters, Alex and Sean Silverman from This Century, whom she worked with on most of the songs. Her record was in part recorded at the 8123 studio which were engineered by Pat Kirch from The Maine.
Two tracks were produced and co-written with John Nathaniel and Ian Lee.

Liz released her debut record in 2014 called Tanqueray Dreams, which her radio single It’s Not Me It’s You, Bombs Away (for which she shot a music video), Hot Mess and Painless (most recent music video).

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