Liz Mandeville

Liz Mandeville

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Festival Fave Liz "RedTop" Mandeville makes people feel good! She tickles them with humor, grabs them with rhythm, her powerful soul-drenched voice sets them on fire! Her music spans roots styles, from bayou to blues to rock. She delivers with spicy originals and adds her own flavor to classics.


"If California could hook up to Liz, there wouldn't be any power shortage!" -Blues OnStage, Richard Benson

Liz Mandeville's latest CD, RED TOP, shot to #3 in the Roots Time Radio Charts bumping her crown against fellow musicians Buddy Guy, Willy Nelson, and Sonny Landreth. Red Top, like Liz’s other 3 CD’s, has been included in numerous "Best of" lists. The petite redhead was nominated "Blues Songwriter of the Year 2008" by the American Roots Music Assn. She won the 2005 USA Songwriting Contest for her humorous ballad, "He Left It in His Other Pants" recorded for her 2000 CD release READY TO CHEAT. Liz has been described as a "smart, sassy songwriter" with an ability to "build sensitive snapshots that related to the universality common in the human condition."

Liz has produced 4 critically acclaimed, original, internationally released CD's, showcasing her powerful, rich, versatile voice and her creativity as a producer, arranger, guitarist, and song crafter. All of her songs are self-penned but don't be surprised when she busts out a classic for revival during a high energy set. She knows the history of the music she's made her own and pays tribute with panache.

Built over two decades of touring, Liz brings to the stage a giant presence that's impossible to resist. She wins hearts with her music, witty banter, personal stories, twitching hips & insistent guitar rhythms.

Liz loves leading her band, The Blue Points, a smoking soul ensemble who generate an infectious sound the critics have labeled "the intersection of traditional blues and smooth jazz". Their repertoire runs the gamut of styles, smooth to swing, funk to rock. They've wowed crowds with long running house gigs at Chicago's oldest blues venues, pleasing folks from 21 to 75.

She delights audiences all over the world. Based in Chicago, Liz has led her Band through countless tours of North America. In the US, she's played venues from New York City's Terra Blues to Seattle's Bourbon Street, Wilebski's in St. Paul to the Green Parrot in Key West. She has also played Canada, Mexico, Latvia, France, Belgium and Holland. Liz and her band toured Germany several times with label mates Honeyboy Edwards and Louisiana Red, and with Robert Cray, playing major festivals and venues. Germany's ARD TV features Liz in a "Chicago Must See" travel show. While performing at the Chicago Blues Festival's Front Porch Stage, Liz set a festival record for the most CD's sold by a single artist.

Born in Wisconsin, Liz Mandeville grew up with the arts. Liz’s dad played & sang folk music for his family while taking classes at the Chicago Art Institute on the GI Bill after serving in Korea. He taught his daughter to paint & to sing. His work, always art related, exposed Liz to galleries, gardens & museums. Her mother, an actress who taught, took young Liz to musicals, plays & concerts. Their Hi-Fi was always playing, sometimes Stravinsky, sometimes Johnny Cash or Hank Williams, while the family read aloud to each other. Artists & musicians were frequent guests in their home. Liz was encouraged to entertain with plays, songs or dances she’d created. She published her first story at 3 & wrote her first songs soon after. Family auto trips through the South exposed young Liz to the many flavors of Roots music from Appalachian Bluegrass to New Orleans jazz & all points in between. Her first gigs were in coffee houses playing songs she’d learned at home.

Liz still plays solo gigs. She has developed a guitar style that tips its hat to her oldest influences, Mississippi John Hurt, Lightnin' Hopkins and Muddy Waters while blending in Jazz sensibilities from Jobim to Satchmo.

With a sense of humor that shines through her impassioned performance, Liz is a polished, consummate entertainer, not to be missed!


Scratch the Kitty

Written By: Liz Mandeville

I’ve got a ginger tabby Resting in my lap
And you can curl up with us if you want to take a nap
You got to scratch the kitty
You got to scratch that kitty
You got to scratch the kitty
If you want that kitty to purr

My kitty don’t do tricks don’t sit up and beg
sits so quiet at the top of my leg
You got to scratch the kitty
You got to scratch that kitty
You got to scratch the kitty
If you want that kitty to purr

Guitar solo

Some people like their doggies and I like doggies too
But I always scratch the kitty when I’m thinking about you
I want to scratch the kitty
I want to scratch that kitty
You got to scratch the kitty
If I want my kitty to purr

C’mon and scratch that kitty
You got to scratch that kitty
C’mon and scratch that kitty
Oh scratch that kitty
You got to scratch the kitty
If you want that kitty to purr

He Left It in His Other Pants

Written By: Liz Mandeville

He was handsome, he was charming
Asked me out, so disarming
So I figured I’d give him a chance
But my face was red when all was done & said
Because he left it in his other pants

First he took me to a restaurant
Said order anything you want
& gave me a smoldering glance
but when the waiter brought the bill
there was a definate chill
I guess he’d left it in his other pants

He left it in his other pants, He was a victim of circumstance
No he could not recall it, just where he’d left his wallet
I guess he’d left it in his other pants

Then we went on to the club, Just to cut a little rug
He was ready & willing to dance
But if you’ve got rhythm I beg you give him some cos he left his in his other pants
I guess he’d left it in his other pants

he left his in his other pants, don’t encourage the gentleman’s dance
he talked so sweet as he trampled my feet
I guess he’d left it in his other pants

In spite of all he had charmed me
Provoked & alarmed me
The night paved the way for romance
But when the time was at hand, he could not make a stand
I guess he’d left it in his other pants


Written By: Liz Mandeville

Verse 1
You are walking down the streets of my town
So you better show respect for my town
I proclaim it is the best & I can never rest
till I’m walkin with my baby in Chi- town

chorus 1
In my town any girl can be a queen
All the streets are paved with gold
Do you know what I mean
In my town any man can be a king
If the story be told you can do anything
In my town, talkin bout Chi-town

Verse 2
We got the blues all over town in my town
In almost any club around in my town
Tyrone Davis, Carey Bell, Buddy Guy & ole Dave Weld
Play it seven nights a week in my town
Repeat chorus 1

You know the radio’s the greatest in my town
You can always hear the latest in my town
Tommy Marker, Mr. A, what’s Scott Hammer going to play
They all play the blues in Chi town

Chorus 2
In my town the blues is what we play
Stars are being made each & every day
In my town people fill up their shoes
It’s the city that works, how could anyone chose any town
But my town, talkin bout Chi-town
talkin bout, talkin bout, talkin bout, talkin bout Chi-town

Soul Tender

Written By: Liz Mandeville

My baby loves me & I surrender
Oh he is my soul tender
My baby kisses me The sweetest love could ever be
Oh he is my soul tender

Verse 1
Easy to love my baby is
Easy to love & hold & kiss
Easy to please so pleasing to me
Wrapped up in his arms is where I want to be

Repeat chorus
Verse 2
Bright as the sun my baby is
Bright is our love he’s mine I’m his
Growin’ like a tree so wild & free
In the shade of his warm love is where I want to be

I don’t need no lawyer, don’t need no deal
I will testify this love is true & real
There’s no turning back now
Straight ahead & on the track now
I’ve got to tell you just how I feel
Repeat chorus

Back in Love Again

Written By: Liz Mandeville

You were right/ I knew it had to end
You’re happy woth your new love darling
And we’re better off as friends
All day I can smile and pretend
But then the night comes/ I’m back in love again

I heard a rumor going all over town
That’s the same day you told me
You were gonna put me down
Since then I’m just actin holdin up my chin
But then I see your face/ I’m back in love again

I’m fine till I have my wine
And them old feelings come baby
Clouding up my mind
If only all those bad feelings would end
But then I hear your voice I’m back in love again

Some day baby I know you’re coming back to me
I’m hurt now darling and you’re just too blind to see
I pray every night that we could try our thing
just one more time again
But then I see your face/ I’m back in love again.
Back in love with my baby,
I see your face hear your name
try to change but I got you to blame for all my pain
I’m back in love again.

My Baby's Her Baby Too

Written By: Liz Mandeville

My baby has got another woman
& there’s not a thing I can do
‘cos she’s got the papers to prove to the world
that my baby’s her baby too

I aint going to go on the TV
& talk to the millions that view
I aint going to tell nobody
that my baby’s her baby too

It’s true that my heart has been stolen
By a man who can never be free
Cos he couldn’t leave his children
Even tho he hates his wife
& saves all his lovin for me

I went to the priest in confession
He said I was bound to be blue
& perish in sin & damnation
cos my baby’s her baby too

Liz has over 60 songs available for licensing for more info visit!

Written By: Liz Mandeville

Liz has over 60 songs available for licensing. For more information, visit where you can hear a snippet of any and every song from her four critically-acclaimed albums!

Guilty of Rockin' All Night

Written By: Liz Mandeville

Lock me up judge I aint gonna fight
I am guilty of rockin all night

Got my hand on the horn got my foot on the gas
Move over baby I’m makin a pass
Got to get to the party got to get to the show
Cos I’m ripped I’m ready and I’m rarin to go
Can’t Lock me up judge you know it aint right
Just cause I’m guilty of rockin all night

Got a good red wine somebody hand me a jay
Strappin on my guitar cos I’m ready to play
Now the place is on fire and the vibe is serious
They say I started a riot and the judge is furious
Can’t blame the man for being mad at me
But I plead insanity

He’s trying to throw the book at me
Cos I committed coronary larceny
Can’t steal what is freely given
He’s just jealous of the way I’m living

I don’t get up early cos I stay up late
Don’t punch no clock I aint nobody’s slave
I do what I want when I want and that’s all
And everywhere I go I am a having a ball
So Lock me up judge I aint gonna fight
I am guilty of rockin all night



Red Top (Earwig Music Co.) 2008
Back in Love Again (Earwig Music Co.) 2002
Ready to Cheat (Earwig Music Co.) 2000
Look at Me (Earwig Music Co.) 1996


Sam Cockerell/I'm in the Business (Compilation) Boom Boom 1999 (BR/ARR Vocals)
Johnny Drummer/Unleaded Blues (Earwig Music Co.) 1999 (Vocals: 3 Tracks)
Shanachie/Every Woman's Blues 1998 (Vocals/guitar: 1 Track)
Red Hot Mamas (Compilation) at Blue Chicago 1997 (vocals: 2 Tracks)
Aaron Burton/Live at Buddy Guy's Legends (Earwig Music Co.) 1996 (Vocals: 2 Tracks)

Set List

Liz's repertoire is loaded with over 60 self-penned original songs with her sound running the gamut of roots, jazz, rhythm and blues. This perfect shot of energy will add spice to any classic she pulls out of the good ol' American Songbook. Classics include but are not limited to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Ella Fitzgerald, Mae West, Rolling Stones, Creedance Clearwater, Sly and the Family Stone. As she entertains with her flare for word play and the art of double entendre, she'll have a crowd entertained right alongside the music as it fuels your body to move.

See show clips of her in action at!