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This band has not uploaded any videos



"MW (UK)"

This song is truly amazing, you have a beautiful voice. Thank you for sending it to me.
(Life goes on without you)

... really like the music you backed The Dancer with.

Thank you, I can hardly believe its my poem (The Ship) it sounds so good with your music.

- Writer/Poet

"God rest ye"

Thank you for the music, beautiful! Finally we get to hear some of your music :-) - LW (Denmark)


Finished tracks:
Why don't you leave that boy alone.
Life goes on without you
Both available via and ilike
Album "Maybe Maybe" due out in March 2008
Album "Snappy Day" (poetry with my music) available via Poetry Scotland
Album: " An Invitation to the Dance" with poet Julian (Daizan) Skinner due to be released May 2008
Airplay on Radio Sheffield in near future.
Track "I know people" played on Polish World Service.
Track "Inchcailleach" with Tracy Patrick (voice and poetry) played on Sheffield Live 27.9.07



I always wanted to write songs. I had a band in Poland called Dancing Dragon that was a bit Polish, a bit South African and a bit... whatever. My initial influences were undoubtely the music I'd been steeped in.. the "art music" of the twentieth century perhaps - or some of it, and Jazz - so when I came to try to write down what was in my head I had a hard time as I conjured up rhythms and harmonies beyond my own abilities.

We recorded a song called "I know people..." (featuring the voice of Kasia Silverman, with Piotr Czarnecki and Jarek Cieslak) an innocent-sounding song which definitely shows two main influences - minimalism and African music.

I added more Jazz in later songs - finding the chords on the piano rather than out of my head.
This is how I play piano - it's a kind of tactile relationship. I keep it fairly simple, focussing on playing chords like a guitarist which underpin the melody and keep the rhythm together. I also use a left hand style from time to time creating a kind of slap effect with my left hand thumb.

I'm only just starting to perform myself - previously I wrote for other singers, but this set has been written for my voice and my style of playing. I can perform alone or with a band. I also play trumpet (when with a band) and plan to start experimenting using loops onstage.

As well as writing songs like these I have other musical activities too. I play trumpet in kids theatre/processions/ceremonies (with Majical Youth) at festivals such as Sunrise festival, Buddhafield, Beautiful Days, and the Tribe of Doris. I started an ongoing project 2006t involving creating music (on the computer) in random locations with random people: a kind of "composer in residence" idea named The Myfanwy Project.

I've started putting my completed tracks on the website so a google of lizprice should turn up a lot of the recent stuff.

To contact:, lizeuphonium (skype), 00447986799205.