Liz Rognes

Liz Rognes

 Spokane, Washington, USA

Recently nominated for a 2010 Spokane Sommy Award and featured on the Vancouver based blog Raised on Indie, Liz has been capturing the attention of Northwest press. Led by the expansive range of her voice, her energetic songs move from playfully flirtatious country stomp to introspective indie-folk.


Liz Rognes is an indie-folk, Americana, and jazz inspired singer/songwriter. While she is currently based in Spokane, Washington, her open-prairie Midwestern roots are apparent in her clear and lilting songwriting. Classically trained as a soprano, Liz started writing and singing folk songs in college and fell in love with the idea of singing about her trouble. Liz worked closely with her cellist friend and producer Dan Zamzow (Cloud Cult, Deep Soul Deities) of Deep Sea Productions to create her first album, Red Flags, in 2009, and her second album, Topographies (2012).

Liz's new album, Topographies, is a collection of songs that maps the terrain of physical and figurative landscapes. Her signature real-life songwriting is featured in the album, but Topographies also includes songs that explore less tangible contours, like identity and survival. Songs on the album range from flirtatious country stomp (What I Cant Have) to ethereal, ambient songs (like Lake Okoboji) that feature rich vocal harmonies and string arrangements. All of the songs, thoughwhether playful or powerfulexplore some aspect of the landscapes of the human condition.

Liz Rognes has established herself as one of the finest local voices. Writing songs of heartbreak and life's struggles, she sings as an angelic soprano in her upper range, but can get downright soulful in her middle register.
Matt Loi, producer, 103.1 KCDA

Liz Rognes makes simple music beautiful. The Spokane-by-way-of-Minnesota singer-songwriter has fast risen in the local scene with her powerful real-life songwriting. She's a unique female singer: her vocals often starting submissive and evolving into something strong and powerful. A true Spokane gem. The Pacific Northwest Inlander

"Her music leads with her articulate soprano voice and she has an incredible range."
Jordy Byrd, The Pacific Northwest Inlander



Written By: Liz Rognes

Take your songs and your blue eyes,
take them with you when you go.
Take the memory of these few days,
so sweet and so slow.

I'm a river and you are fleeting
by the dark of the moon.
I'm a swirling current rushing
oh you've gone far too soon.

Why, oh why, have I stumbled so long
to find you here, and the timing is wrong?
The timing is all wrong.

I am open and I am broken,
and you're a sweet lullaby.
I've got tears to fill an ocean
and you're just passing by.

Why oh why, have I stumbled so long
to find you here, and the timing is wrong?
The timing is all wrong.