Liz Rosa

Liz Rosa


I´m very proud to have the bests brazilian jazz musicians playing with me. I have big respect for than because I understand my voice as an instrument. This thinking makes my music be very swinging and improve the way I divide the time of the tunes.


She grew up feeding with the best brazilian music and jazz and began her career by Natal jazz scene, when she gained notoriety. Her artistic determination led to fulfill her destiny: comes to Rio de Janeiro in 2007 (with 20 years old), changed her stage name and releases her firth CD, simply called Liz Rosa. Owner of a remarkable vocal timbre and vibrant interpretation, Liz impresses with a firth albun that combines the power of her singing, beauty and unity of instrumental repertory. This blend results in a sound of rare and fine taste, executed by a team of talented jazz musicians.


Liz Rosa (Som Livre, 2012)