Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons


Singer/Songwriter with an edge. Not your typical "chick songs", these lyrics catch your ear, reel you in, and leave you with a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. Not to mention a voice you have to hear to believe.


Distant Siren: a beautiful, longing voice meant to lure in the lost and offer a lifeline. Ominous, yet comforting, a sound that offers hope and relief to those unable to free themselves.

Don’t let the rock and roll exterior fool you; this is one folk singer who is all bleeding heart. A storyteller whose songs are borne from the intensities of life, Liz Simmons uses her voice as an instrument to expose the root of it all. Her soundtrack embraces the lost and found cycle of love, recovery in a world filled with addictions, and coming out to a southern Baptist family. Through it all, her music has been her weapon of choice, and she uses it as shield for herself, as well as an outlet for others. Her poignant, provocative lyrics often resonate with the listener in a way they couldn’t express for themselves, and she is rewarded with their enjoyment and appreciation. Though the theme may be familiar, her lyrics offer a non-clichéd perspective that rings true for most.

While she may appear unassuming for a folk singer, with her spiky hair and tattoos, her resounding voice has the power to still the liveliest of crowds. With an impressive range, it’s a unique combination that blends sweet songbird with husky depth and a strong edge. Though comparisons have been made to Natalie Merchant, Ani DiFranco and Stevie Nicks, Liz truly has a sound, and style, completely her own.


She is currently working on her debut album which should be released in the Spring of 2009

Set List

New Song*
Out of Frame
Walk Beside Me
Conditional Love
Chronic Insomniac
Love’s Epitome
Slinky Song
Space and Lines
Oh No
Hang on
Time to Breathe
Song to Me

Joey (concrete blonde)
No Children (the Mountain Goats)
There will be no divorce (the Mountain Goats)
Drugs don’t work (Ben Harper)
Another lonely day (Ben Harper)
Unsingable name (Mike Doughty)
The only answer (Mike Doughty)
Paradise (John Prine)
Red Rose (the Everybodyfields)
TVA (the everybodyfields)
Watercolor sunrise (Willie Porter)