Liz Stringer

Liz Stringer


A difficult genre to place, Liz seamlessly fuses folk, blues, and bluegrass into a gentle sound that packs dynamite when the mood calls for it. Simply, Liz harnesses a sublime simplicity and depth, that effortlessly draws in the listener.


Melbourne based original acoustic contemporary roots artist Liz Stringer has emerged triumphant with the critically acclaimed release of her debut album Soon, and her recent sold out shows & Album Launch at Northcote Social Club.

This emergence seemingly come from nowhere has led many aficionados of the genre to wonder where this exceptional new comer appeared from.

Liz’s humble origins are simple, and have provided the perfect grounding for musical growth. From a deeply musical family, her innate musicality helped her to teach herself how to play the piano and she began song writing at an early age.

As a little one, she learnt to play guitar on her Dad’s acoustic 6-string and later when teenage restlessness sent her to Germany, she developed her writing and live performance on a borrowed fender in an alternative rock band, where rehearsals frequently took place in a damp World War 2 bunker. It was here that she began to fall in love with performing live, succumbing to the heady experience of playing music to an audience of like-minded folk who understood.

After many years abroad in Germany & the UK, she has arrived a veritable new comer to Melbourne’s music district (& her home town).

Hand picked from the pack by touring circuit staple, Mia Dyson, Liz was recently secured for a national tour with the Aria award winner. Added to her glowing supports with other indie dignitaries such as Jen Cloher & the Endless Sea, Ash Grunwald, Ember Swift & Jess McAvoy, Liz is now consolidating her place on the national festival circuit, with recent bookings including the Coast and Queenscliff Festivals.

Her innate musicality merged with a true storytellers soul, makes for a truly powerful and unique performance, and leaves the listener with a feeling of having uncovered an emerging artist of significance.

A passionate advocate of independent music, Liz’s has recorded and produced Soon, a truly exceptional independent release. Amazingly & without label backing, Liz has a ground swell of interest within the independent and greater music industry, and in an ocean of mediocrity, Liz is the quintessential breath of fresh air.

A difficult genre to place, she has seamlessly fused folk, blues, and bluegrass in the most gentle of recordings that packs dynamite when the mood calls for it.
Simply, Liz harnesses a sublime simplicity and depth, that effortlessly draws in the listener, and leaves you with a feeling that you are witnessing the humble beginnings of artist who is truly something special.


Soon - Debut LP (2006)

Liz Stringer EP - 6 Track EP (2004)