Liz Vandall

Liz Vandall


Imagine Kate Bush with a powerful deep voice...Imagine Loreena McKennitt with a hard edge...Imagine an ethereal Cher...Imagine wisdom through naivete...Imagine a soothing hurricane...


"At nine months old, she started talking and has never shut up since" Inger Vandall (mother)

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Elisabeth Ljungqvist emmigrated to the United States when she was just three years old with her mother and new American husband, Richard Vandall and thus became Elizabeth Vandall.

Raised and schooled in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, she forewent the norm of activities for most school-age children, instead choosing to devote most of her time to singing. Joining the Davisville Junior High School Chorus resulted in a trophy for "Most Outstanding" at the age of 14. "From the moment I saw Cher on the Sonny & Cher television show, my future instantly became crystal clear for me and I knew what I was here to do."

In 1983, Los Angeles beckoned its finger introducing Liz to both professional vocal training by notable coaches Seth Riggs and Marjory Taylor and various local bands with the culmination of settling down finally in SAHARA, a five-piece semi-progressive heavy rock band. SAHARA recorded two albums, "GOING CRAZY" and "THE SEVENTH HOUSE" (released in Europe and Japan) enjoying substantial sales, radio airplay and garnering widespread critical acclaim including being named "A New Horizon in Music", "Album of the Month", "Over the Top" and obtaining ratings such as "10X Dynamite", "15" (out of 15 points) and "5*"(out of 5) in various music publications.

After nearly nine years of existence, July of 1995 brought with it the demise of the band with Diane Arens (one-third of the core writing team of Vandall, Arens and Woodward) leaving the music business entirely. As Liz puts it, "Within the context of SAHARA, Diane was irreplaceable and we found it impossible to go on." And so began a time of deep soul-searching, contemplation and evolution into the next era.

Ironically, Arens indirectly became the bridging point to this next phase, the introduction to composer/musician/guitarist extraordinaire, ULI JON ROTH.

Although none of the band had ever met him at this point and Arens and Woodward frequently sited Roth as a musical influence, Aren's two brothers, Anthony and John Kornarens had been long-time friends of him. During the recording of "Aquarius" (a stunning remake of the song from the 60's rock musical, HAIR on SAHARA's second album, "THE SEVENTH HOUSE", Anthony obtained permission from Roth for Woodward to play the legendary "Sky Guitar" (one of only five in existence) and consequently played him the track upon completion of the album. "Everything happened so fast, it was amazing, the next thing I knew it, I was on a plane to Uli's studio to record vocals for his next album, "REQUIEM FOR AN ANGEL".

Vandall then went on to tour as vocalist with ULI JON ROTH in 1998 throughout Europe during the G3 Tour with JOE SATRIANI and MICHAEL SCHENKER. A highlight from these shows was the performance of the introduction to Roth's "Hiroshima Symphony". This live vocal performance can be heard on the album "TRANSCENDENTAL SKY GUITAR" which was released September, 2000 worldwide.

Since 1997, a year that brought with it yet another major move back to Europe, but this time to the United Kingdom, Liz has been residing, re-evaluating, writing songs and preparing for the next phase which we all patiently await.



ULI JON ROTH "Requiem for an Angel"
(Still pending release date)
ULI JON ROTH "Transcendental Sky Guitar"
SAHARA "The Seventh House"
SAHARA "Going Crazy"


ROCK HARD VIDEO VOL. 5 "Sahara - Wasteland"

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