Lizzie West & Baba Buffalo

Lizzie West & Baba Buffalo


The folk, country, blues, stride, harmonies, poetry, tall tales and torch songs of Lizzie and Baba will point to your toes and tell you where your feet are. A mix between Harold and Maude, Sonny and Cher, Simon and Garfunkel, and Cash and Carter, Baba and Lizzie are an infinite match.


Lizzie West was named Artist of the Year by AOL and Entertainment Weekly in 2003 with her Warner Bros. release of Holy Road: Freedom Songs. She has had her work used extensively in film (Secretary starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall) and T.V. (2007: Democracy Now!, The L Word, 2003: Dawson's Creek, Alias, Third Watch, etc) and was featured singing her song "Holy Road" in a national ad campaign directed by Spike Lee. Lizzie has also performed the National Anthem in Madison Square Garden and toured as an opener for artists such as Chris Isaak, as well as headlined her own national tours.

From 2003-2006 Lizzie released her international debut, lost both of her parents to cancer, and left the major label. She released her song, "19 Miles To Baghdad", as well as her deeply personal and politically charged (the title track was censored by the major label) "I Pledge Allegiance to Myself" (Appleseed Records). In 2006 she founded Holy Road Tours (a fan and artist owned touring co-op).

The new album, made in collaboration with Anthony Kieraldo (aka Baba Buffalo, The White Buffalo), was greeted by stellar reviews.

"West writes disarming melodies, wraps her songs in beautiful, spare arrangements, and sings them with a beguiling voice."
- No Depression

In conjunction with the release of "I Pledge Allegiance to Myself", Lizzie, Baba, their road master Laura Parris, and their friends/fans started HOLY ROAD TOURS, an artist in residence co-oping organization. Holy Road Tours focuses on bringing local communities, independent businesses, national artists and their "fans" together to develop fulfilling sustainable living methods.

Lizzie is currently writing and publishing a serial novel entitled, "The Wonderful Adventures" which is available at for download. She and Baba have been creating and performing a musical road show called "The Tumbleweed Cabaret" which is based on "The Wonderful Adventures". She has driven across America 9 times, written 42 art books of research on "creating reality" and is currently studying flight.

Anthony Kieraldo, the White Buffalo, (Baba Buffalo) has been playing and performing music since he was five. In 1999, he was recognized by DOWNBEAT Magazine for both composition and as a soloist on piano. In the summer of 2000 and 2001, he toured Peru with his trio Treeonik in support of the independent release on AWSAM records of the album "You Choose", composed entirely of his original music.

After studying music at New England Conservatory, Anthony left Boston and moved to NYC from where he toured both nationally and internationally performing in many different musical genres and groups.

Since meeting Lizzie West in 2005, Baba has performed, composed, produced and arranged with Lizzie. Baba is musical director for Holy Road Tours, producer for the Holy Road Medicine Show Podcast and is illustrating "The Wonderful Adventures". He documents the Holy Road through blogging, video, photography, journaling, drawing and painting. The duo regards the White Buffalo as a symbol of Native American values and respect towards the land. To them, the metaphor also represents their hope that "something good" has been born into the world at large.


Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman (Thank You)

Written By: Lizzie West

Thank you for giving us the morning
Thank you for giving us the day
Thank you for bringing on the storming
Thank you for giving us
The shelter we can make

'Cause with the storm
Comes the sun
And with the sun
Comes the rain
And with the rain
Comes the tools
For the world that we create

Thank you for giving us the ocean
Thank you for giving us the waves
Thank you for bringing me devotion
Thank you for giving me
The chance to change my fate


Thank you for giving me pleasure
Thank you forgiving me pain
Thank you for teaching me to treasure
Thank you for giving me
The lessons I have gained


Sparty It's Okay

Written By: Lizzie West & Baba Buffalo

Oh Sparty it's alright, it's okay
You don't have to live that way
No it's alright
You don't have to live that way
all scared and afraid
Woah Sparty it's alright,
Yeah it's okay.

And even though, you know
That when the lightning
Strikes you grow
You run inside to hide behind your
Mind that screams and cries
And all the while I sing.


And even though, you know
That when you fight
You break your flow
You keep getting all caught up and
You can't just let it go.
Well Shakespeare knew
Great stories grew
So do you, so do you
Are you listening.


19 Miles to Baghdad

Written By: Lizzie West

19 miles to Baghdad, what have
I become?
New York's got snow in April,
and I can't locate the sun.
Tie a yellow ribbon around
Something good has begun

Katie holds up the bible,
"Are you reading this for fun?"
19 miles to Baghdad, soldiers load
up your guns
And tie a yellow ribbon
around something,
Something good has begun

The boy in the middle, he sits
down to pray
He moves to the window, I can
see him as he waves
"Hey, Mac, look out!" Mac calls back,
"Billy I'll be careful,
I'm just trying to be brave."

So tie a yellow ribbon around
Something lives beyond the grave

The field reveals that something
was concealed
We make a deal to feel again -
To ask what is the means,
and to what end?
What is the cause that we defend?

The flag is flying across the country,
Me and the band, we play the bars
And Glyn, she points out to
the highway
"The flags fly the highest where
the people buy their cars"
She says, "19 Miles to Baghdad,
I guess we haven't come so far."

Two planes are flying across
the country
New York's so pretty in the fall
"Hey, Mac! Look out!" Mac calls back,
"Billy, I'll be careful,
I'm sure they built them to stand
so tall"

19 Miles to Baghdad, they fall
and we're called
To tie a yellow ribbon around
Something good has begun
Tie a yellow ribbon around

What have we become?


Holy Road: Independent release, 2000
West EP: Warner Bros., 2002
Holy Road: Freedom Songs: Warner Bros., 2003
19 Miles to Baghdad Single: Independent release, 2004
Something Good has Begun EP: Independent release, 2005
I Pledge Allegiance to Myself: Appleseed Records, 2006

Both the Warner Bros. "Holy Road: Freedom Songs" and the Appleseed Records "I Pledge Allegiance to Myself", are played on XM, Sirius, community and commercial radio stations throughout North America and Europe.

Set List

Our sets can run anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours, depending on whether we are opening or headlining. We have 50+ original songs and many covers in our repertoire.

Dusty Turnaround
19 Miles to Baghdad
Monkey Back Blues
Thank You
Rope Me in and Smoke Me
Take These Demons
God Damn That Man
Waiting for a Sign
Long Live the Poet
Hurry to Your Grave
Rise Spirit
Gently Bring Me Home
Sparty It�s Okay
Chariots Rise
Looking for Leonard Cohen
They Won�t Bury Us till We Die
I Pledge Allegiance to Myself
The Day We Met
Mercy Me
Starfish Lullaby
Midwestern Tumbleweed
Dharma�s Bell
Reaching for Light
Of Course My Love
I Can See the Mountains
Brooklyn Bound
Time to Cry
Hit the Road
See You Through
Holy Road
Family Christmas

Look What They've Done to My Song: Melanie
Little Boxes: Malvina Reynolds
This Land is Your Land: Woody Guthrie
Get Up Stand Up: Bob Marley
Redemption Song: Bob Mar