Liz Zorn

Liz Zorn


Liz Zorn is a storyteller, singer/songwriter, with the natural yet uncanny ability to weave an emotive visual web with her words, acoustic guitar and unmistakable voice.


NEW - 2006 Scedule: Release of new album in the spring. Regional touring, spring, summer and fall. Now booking.

Liz Zorn's music has been described as both heart felt and irreverent.
It is an eclectic mix of sound: Alternative Folk meets Country Blues on the way to a Jazz festival. or imagine Townes Van Zandt meets up with Patty Larkin and Iris Dement on the way to Lucindas house.
The new music is much more reflective of those comparisons. Everything has been evolving says Zorn. I chose not to tour for the first release. Now, with this new album coming out next spring we are already setting dates for a year from now. It's all very exciting and I am looking forward to it.
Much of the music from that first album was hard to translate to a simple acoustic arrangement, now with the return to a bare basics sound, everything is accessible. I don't like to be a copy cat, but just truly adore those old Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith recordings. There is something genuine and believable about them. When I sit down to write I think about that, about how genuine it is, am I being true to my intention.
I am at my best when I am sitting with a guitar or uke, playing and singing one of my simple two or three chord songs.

It's such a blessing to be here now, and know what I know...Karma is so cool, and everything does come back around.


Giddy Up Baby

Written By: Liz Zorn

Giddy up baby, giddy up now, giddy up baby, giddy up now. You had yourself a shiny plan but it fellstraight through your hands, so giddy up baby, giddy up now. Giddy up baby you've got to set me free, can't you see baby, you've got to let me be, this is my life, my life, you don't own me. Baby just say goodbye, baby, baby, baby please, go on now, get out of this town. You just hop on top of that big white steed and you ride, and you ride, baby ride, baby ride.

On My Way Home

Written By: Liz Zorn

On my way home I met a man made of stone, tears were falling from his eyes, and he was shaking his fists at the sky. He said don't come around here, don't come around here, it has not been safe for years, don't come around here. On my way home I met a woman by the side of the road, she was dancing round and around, lightening was crashing to the ground, she said don't come around here, unless you are willing to face all your fears, don't come around here, it has not been safe here for years and years. On my way home, I was weary I felt so alone, I sat down and started to cry and a million lonely people passed me by, I said don't come around here, don't come around here, if there's anyting in life you hold dear, don't come around here. On my way home, I was on my way home, on my way home, on my way home, on my way, on my way, on my way.


The Truth About Me, Doo Bug Records 2004

Set List

Mixed acoustic, sets. Original material. Some traditional music with fresh contemporary arrangements.
Sets: 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

2006 - All new act, new music from the Freedom Song abum (to be released spring 2006).
Typical New Set List (example) Some old some new music.

Big White Box
Freedom Song
Fade To Gray
Without a Worry

On My Way Home -poetry reading of song, followed by performance of song.

Alabama Baby, a'capella
Thank A Momma Chicken, a'capella

This Little Light of Mine, traditional
Down In The Valley, traditional

House of Pain
Fly Away
The One In Blue
All Worked Up