Lizzy Clarke and the Pretty Boys

Lizzy Clarke and the Pretty Boys


We are Lizzy and the Pretty Boys. We hope our lyric based melodies hit you hard, and our music and passion move you. Our aim is to rock your socks off.


Lizzy and and all of the Pretty Boys met at Humber Music School. We are all working to get our degrees in what we hope to make our career; music

The Pretty Boys are indeed, very pretty. Most of them are single too (*wink wink*) But much more important than that, they are a group of extremely talented musicians. They play with passion and sincerity. I was one told there are three steps to being a great instrumentalist. Heart, Head and Hands. You can play the notes with your hands, but if you don't know what your doing, it won't be any good, so you have to use your head. But if you don't use your heart when you play, you will never be great. These musicians always play with their whole being, and I (Lizzy) am eternally grateful for them.

We hooked up in mid 2008 and are hitting the city of Toronto as hard as we can. We hope you listen and enjoy what we have to offer and that it moves you in some way.

Our music is about loss, love and the attempt to be the best person you can with the time you have. These things that everyone experiences.



Written By: Lizzy Clarke

The violent swift hand of life dealt me a blow
and left me and my love to die in the snow
The violent swift hand of life dealt me a blow
and left me and my love to die in the snow

So I stood in the snow and I spat on it’s face
I thought once and for all it’d be put in it’s place
I was cold I was cold but I kept moving on
cause to sit the and die seemed a thousand times wrong

But the punch that had hit me left cold winter bruises
my cold body prayed rest my head heard no excuses
So I trudged through the snow a million times deep
Cause the thought of redemption seemed a million times sweet

But I fell and I fell so I fell and I fell
and I hit my head hard on the cold floor of hell
And the bottom was hot like my tears on your shoulder
But it melted the ice until I felt much older
And the memory of us is like tears in the ocean
We’ll be all washed away by the waves to the coast and
Our memory will follow our bodies through time
Till we’re lost and forgotten like a song like a rhyme

Cause fate blows with foul breath and it says no goodbyes
It will not say Im sorry no fate is not kind
Fate leaves you in winter to fend on your own
to young to know weakness but to old to run
So I pick myself up from the warm melted ice
that puddle I run from the puddle I fight
Our lives may be short that is one thing I know
But I life lived in winter is wasted in snow.

The Voice

Written By: Lizzy Clarke

Broken oak you stand so tall when you fall
even then you do
lying crying dying you lie so tall
So tall

And when I doubt a voice cries out
be stronger
be stronger

sinking ship you won’t give in till you’re lost
even then you won’t
falling balling stalling you stay a-float


broken girl you lie so still when you’re down
so get back on your feet again
love hurts most when your hearts it’s host
and it hurts
and it hurts
and it hurts
be strong

You are the Shelter

Written By: Lizzy Clarke

You are the shelter
I am the tree
We are the shadows
of you and me

Ask for forgivness
or another chance
But it’s too late now
For this solemn dance

Be not unforgiving
Be not unkind
Someday mine will come along
And change my mind

To catch the smoke
a fire should start
But it seems a childish game
to set fire to my own heart

You are on the top shelf
And I am four feet tall
I could stretch my body up
But I can’t reach you at all


Set List

Set list includes mostly original music. Groove-based indie folk rock.