LJ Siete

LJ Siete

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Hailing from the St. Louis area, the newest R&B soul sensation is LJ7 aka LJ Siete. Born Olajuwon Davis but known as LJ, started his music career as a rapper, similar to that of Trey Songz. Young by age but mature because of his ability to write, compose & arrange hooks and songs, friends and fans were infatuated with LJ's vocal skills.
LJ started singing at weddings & birthday parties were he met founder and owner John G of HiTech Mobile2Mobile Dj's and asked to sing. After John saw LJ rock the crowd with a rap but even more with a song to the birthday girl- -he was brought to producer Terry L. Terry L is known for production & songwriting working with dozens of group in and out of the St. Louis area, including rock acoustic group HourGlass Instance, Louii Boii, GEO the Mack, Sweet Rosa(Canada) & more under his production Wydtrack. LJ & Terry L hooked up and released a mixtape in 2009 that went wood which by local standards is platinum. LJ honed his writing & vocals skills even more & now is a music sensation to be reckoned with. He started writing for out of state acts with his producer constantly making his skills better. His newest full length album is set for October 2011 under OpperTune LLC the label known for NOT having a specific genre it caters to, only working with artist who love for music.


I Don't Know - EP - 4/2010

Can't Deny single - 5/27/2011
Lose Yourself - 9/13/2011