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Beverly Hills, California, United States

Beverly Hills, California, United States
Pop Pop




"LJB Rock The Cut Ambassador"

LJB is now a "Supercuts Rock the Cut Artist Ambassador" LJB was selected out of thousands of artist to participate in The Supercuts Rock the Cut Ambassador Artist Campaign which showcase new hot rising mainstream bands and artist... Check out the link for more. - Supercuts Rock the Cut

"Soundout.com Reviews"

"LJB scores Highly..:

"The beat in this track is a good enough pop beat and the reworking is a little quirky in the way the beat is synthed. This and the synthed vocals give it
more of a robotic feel which matches the keyboards well and the steady nature of the beat gives it a near hypnotic feel. A good pop track, the lyrics are ok and this should play well mainstream"

"This song absolutley made me want to get up and dance! I started dancing in my computer chair a little. The vocals are excellent, reminds me of Usher. I LOVE the instruments in this beat! It like I can identify every one of them. The lyrics could of been better because there arent any really. All you say is "I'm burning up" the harmonies are EXCELLENT and on point. The tempo is awesome. This song is a good party song! Love it."
- Soundout.com

"Soundout.com Reviews"

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This song is really good. The beat makes you wanna get up and dance. The lyrics make you wanna sing alomg. You can understand the lyrics. It makes - Soundout.com


Still working on that hot first release.



He received his first national air time on MTV's "Direct Effects" as a dancer. On the set of "Direct Effects" LJB met a FUBU/Windmill Street Records executive who wagered him a deal singing references for a young Chris Brown's demo. After recording the demo he booked a gig opening up for Dave Hollister, Pink, and Avant at the 2001 NBA All Star Weekend. LJB has performed all over the U.S and has been mentioned on several albums from Major artist. As the list goes on, LJB is set to release his current untitled music project.

LJB is also a Grammy Recording Academy Member|Los Angeles Chapter.

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