Moonah, Tasmania, AUS

I've been called an emo and a hippie but one thing I do know is that I am a quadriplegic. I cannot physically play an instrument, but I can use a computer and have always loved music. My music is ever-changing, from ambient to edgy rock, acoustic to dance and hip-hop, one day I will find my niche.


My name is Lee. I was surrounded by artists and musicians my entire childhood; my own creativity was bound to come out somehow and at some point. Somehow is the operative word here because since the age of five (when hit by a car) I have been a quadriplegic; paralysed from the neck down.

Being a kid confined to a wheelchair and requiring constant care for everything, and not being able to do anything on my own, movies became my babysitter; and of course I fell in love with my babysitter and grew up with stars in my eyes.

I am severely physically disabled. I am in my 30s and because of my disability I can't play an instrument and I can't sing either. One thing that I can do is write. I have a wealth of experiences to lyrically draw from. Sadness, tragedy, inspiration and strength usually emanate from within a body that lives in a full body straight jacket. Writing is my escape.

Unable to be the singer/songwriter I desire, my musical ambitions began in 2005 when I was put in contact with a local guitarist and vocalist named Peter Hasenkam. I handed over a file of some 30 lyrics named THE BLUEPRINT FILE and within a few weeks he had returned with four demos on a CD.

For over three years we collaborated on 17 songs. All of them bar one are my lyrics set to Peter's music. Although very satisfying I found it to be a long process, where I am only the lyricist. Making music with Peter was extremely fulfilling and exciting but I am an impatient Aries and I want to do the whole lot myself and do it in quick time!

This is where a computer comes in handy. Give me some time, some loops, and together with my one knuckle I am allowed free rein into the music world. It is here where I can fully express what I physically cannot. Whether it be creating music, writing lyrics, or writing screenplays, my desire to create must be fulfilled.

In December 2008 I began creating my own compositions to go along with my lyrics. Of course there has to be at least one stumbling block, this time it was my vocal ability. I can sing but it really is not something that should be heard too often. I have a very small lung capacity so I cannot sustain any sound at all, besides I am always out of tune. Losing my breath can be frequent.

In 2009 I met a new acoustic guitarist, Carl Rush. Carl is an amazingly talented guitarist with the vocal ability to match. I feel very fortunate to have collaborated on one song with him.

At the end of 2009 I was introduced to a new carer; a young nursing student who just happens to be a great singer. We quickly became friends and we collaborated on seven compositions, my music and my lyrics, Maddy's voice. This is the way of my future; attracting singers to bring my compositions to life!

Come September 2011 I am yet again introduced to a new carer who is a true singer songwriter. Matt and I collaborate once every two weeks and it really is a highlight. Matt has a wonderful talent and I feel privileged to be working with him so regularly.

I do venture into rock on occasions but mostly I feel my niche is acoustic-based. If I could play an instrument I have no doubt it would be acoustic guitar. I also like creating the odd instrumental or blues tune.

My life was pretty gloomy around 97/98 and it was at that time that I found the inspirational music of Elliott Smith. He is my biggest influence and I aspire to be in the mould of Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine, Bruce Springsteen, the acoustic music of Diesel, and the beauty of Angus and Julia Stone.

I like sadness and tragedy. There has been a lot of that in my life and I have basically spent my physical life in a kind of jail. But this is my life, and with a mix of Buddhism and Spirituality, I believe people must live life to the fullest and accept and deal with whatever comes our way. And do it with grace.

I hope that my music and lyrical content is something that touches your heart.
Peace and love, Lee.



Written By: LJ Bullock

What a fool I am
To think that we could be
I have a heavy heart
That’s always blinded me.

I should have read the stars
Open my eyes to see
I didn’t decipher the cards
Love is not for me

Believe what you want
I no longer feel free
The love stars have dimmed
Venus has given her decree

I'm lost in the wilderness
A slim chance to be found
Covered in the undergrowth
I am contorted and bound
The sun used to shine
But darkness comes over time
My sun used to shine
But darkness came over time

I struggle to believe
That it is this way
Just like every other
I desire love and play

Tell me it is wrong
To give colour to grey
I tried to save myself
But my rope did fray

Love was my only wish
My wish to this day
Love was my only wish
My wish to this day

Time Waits For No One (featuring Madeleine Swann)

Written By: LJ Bullock

I refuse to leave this place
I am not kidding look at my face
I have far too much to do
For you to take me into the blue
Turn around and go on back
I want to have another crack
I am still alive yes I am still alive

Can it really be my fault?
Find the key and unlock the vault
My heart beats inside yes my heart beats inside
I don't feel like going for a ride
So take your tunnel away
Give it up and come back another day

Here I am at the gates
It is all over before you know
I am too young to die
But time waits for no one

How many times must I say no?
I run my life and I say so
I try to push and push you away
I will not die not on this day
You put me with family and friends
Surrounded by love is this how it ends
I feel at home yes I feel at home

Why do you show me all this?
Flashes of my life, the things I miss
I could have done a great deal more
But now I've passed this one-way door
Forced to give up and cash in
Missed opportunities are such a sin
You cannot waste time no you cannot waste time

From the dead hear my advice
Hold the ones you love, cuddle them nice
Forget hate for life is too short
Pay attention when you’re taught
If you have a dream just act on it
Push through the pain and bite the bit
You can achieve EVERYTHING you want

Turn off the tv and get in the sun
Soak up that love and go for a run
Have no regrets and live each day
Achieve greatness even when its grey
Give the world love, let happiness shower
You have the power yes you have the power

Here I am at the gates
It is all over before you know
I am too young to die
But time waits for no one


The plan is to record and release in 2012.