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Three indi CDs idle hands 1997, LJ Harris 98 & standing dans animal 2000. Good songs but disapointing production. Gave up for a few years but I feel it's time to have another go.

Recorded the song Hollow with the help of Friends on Marsh for a project they hold every year where numbers of musos all over the world come together to record songs. I wrote hollow- Originally a rock song but for some reason I was placed in the country western cat. Them dirty dogs! But I had a lot of fun just seeing how it came out

This song makes me regret skipping the country section of the record store for so many years.... though I doubt I'd find anything this good in there, anyway.

Special commendations for the pedal steel and the arrangement.

It has that darkness to it that you don't hear in country anymore. This is old school, and it's seriously fucking good.

Maybe I do like some country after all.

I'll be damned.

Phenomenal work!



Ha! I know, I produced the original demo (and unfortunatley played most of the instruments)which you may or may not have heard.

What you have done with idle1's hauntingly spooky yet still pop-catchy song is is truly sublime to my ears and taste - best parts of CC made modern. Bravo!

You can beat the music out of the Country (as in Nashville) but you can't beat the country in this music. :^)


I'm completely out of my element here. I hate country, modern and old (what I've been exposed to, which is mostly what I've had to mix).

that being said, this evokes, if not Johnny Cash personally, everything the IDEA of Cash is supposed to. Dark, brooding.

This is great, guys. I'll be honest, I kinda skimmed through it at first, simply because of genre. Now that I listen to it, I'm embarassed by that. Thanks to all of you.
Jason Phair
Advanced Production Group
Dunkirk, NY

This is absolutely one of my favorites this time...Bunner's voice sells it right off the bat(and to the very end), but there's also some excellent playing on this. Scott's steel and mandolin parts are just great, coupled with Sqkychair's elec.(tremelo guit sounds great) and Maccool's acoustic. Qwezi Rider...nice job on the bgv's and bass, as well as the mix. Cool song by Idle1...and BigBubbaj...fine job on those drums.

Kudos guys... ~mudcat

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Songwriter many years but so far have not had the mula or the strengh to got up and be counted till now. But as I grow ever so closer to the age of 'couldn't care less anymore' I find that I am more at home with my abilities as a muso/ performer (or lack of) to not care so much and to do more to show people what I can do- write songs!