New 'Ol School R&B',


Hailing from the St. Louis area, the newest R&B soul sensation is LJ7 aka LJ Siete better known as new 'Ol School' music. With a blend of R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop Rock, Blues, Jazz, Inspirational, Alternative, Country & Acoustic songs, at times it's hard to pin point his true genre except that it's music!
Born Olajuwon Davis but known as LJ, started his music career as a rapper, similar to that of Trey Songz. Young by age but mature because of his ability to write, compose & arrange hooks and songs, friends and fans were infatuated with LJ's vocal skills.
LJ started singing at weddings & birthday parties were he met founder and owner John G of HiTech Mobile2Mobile Dj's and asked to sing. After John saw LJ rock the crowd with a rap but even more with a song to the birthday girl- -he was brought to producer Terry L. Terry L is known for production & songwriting working with dozens of group in and out of the St. Louis area, including rock acoustic group HourGlass Instance, Louii Boii, GEO the Mack, Sweet Rosa(Canada) & more under his production Wydtrack. LJ & Terry L hooked up and released a mixtape in 2009 that went wood which by local standards is platinum. LJ honed his writing & vocals skills even more & now is a music sensation to be reckoned with. He started writing for out of state acts with his producer constantly making his skills better. LJ Terry L started creating songs that listeners referred to as new Ol School RnB- -music thats not for now but forever. His newest full length album is set for October 2011 under OpperTune LLC the label known for NOT having a specific genre it caters to, only working with artist who love for music


LJ7 - I Don't Know EP - 4/10/2010
LJ7 - Can't Deny single - 5/27/2011
LJ7 - Never Got Over You -airplay live starting 7/1/2011
LJ7 - Lose Yourself - 10/18/2011