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1. Intro/ L.King/Urban Nation Ent.
2. Get Up
3. Show Me Mercy
4. Already Famous
5. I Keep It Moving
6. Say U Scared
7. How Do U Want It
8. Going Back To NY
9. A Family Affair
10. XMas Time In The Ghetto
11. Everywhere I Go
12. I Gave U
13. In The Club
14. The Sell
15. Ya'll Really Don't Know ME
16. I'm A Roll
17. These Mother F#%kers



First and foremost, his name is L.king aka E.L.K. He has had a love for Hip-Hop before cats were break dancing on cardboard, so he's been rhyming along time.L grew up in Brooklyn home of some of the best MCs and where some would say is the true Mecca of Hip-Hop. Believe me when I say he is no exception, L could easily be considerd one of the best. What makes him stand alone, is thathe is alone in an industry of overly saturated booty shaking MCs that make music with no true content. His life, his dreams these are some of the same things we all share. In L's music, he starts by making the tracks sound like more then just a beat but a story by its self. Could he make the song cry, can he bring the listener with him, not to hear but to absorb the music? Turn the lights out and listen to (I Gave U) number12 on the CD and feel what he felt the day his girl left him. In (Show Me Mercy) number 3 on the CD, L speaks for every one going through something that may seem, or may be uncontrollable at some time or another in their lives. Like (Show Me Mercy) most of his music brings a melodic visualization of the story he's telling. All the production and song writing is done by him, with no samples or ghost writing. This is something L prides himself on, because I know there’s a lot of producers who can't creatively come up with a song or beat of their own without sampling a song that has already gone platinum. And the same thing goes for those MCs that can’t write their own material. L. King started his own label Urban Nation Entertainment inspired by people like Master P., and Cash Money. They just showed him you can't wait for something to happen you just need to make it happen yourself and now L is putting every thing he has, his money, time, and heart in to it. L. King becoming the next big thing is inevitable, now it’s just a matter of time. He will be the one who brings substance back to Hip-Hop.

Contact Info: Urban Nation Entertainment
904 West Montgomery Ste.4-326
Willis, TX 77378
1-800-586-0134 or 1-480-785-6872