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Louis Landry

Durham, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE | AFM

Durham, NC | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter





Louis Landry‘s JJ vs. the Digital Whale is, in a word, ambitious. The album re-situates the story of Jonah from “its roots in Christian, Jewish and Islamic culture” and comments on the “constant barrage of electronics, media, and technology which surround us all” by interpreting all of that as the whale. (The press also mentions Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi and Pink Floyd’s Animals as RIYLs.) So right off the bat, there’s points for conceptual boldness from this corner. The album that results is a largely major-key indie-rock festival that incorporates an incredible amount of sounds and instruments.

By pointing this out as a rock opera, it leaves the standard bounds of reception: JJ vs. The Digital Whale is held together by a repeated motif, the overarching story, and a spirit of adventure instead of any dedication to a stable genre. “Ride the Whale” has some Prince-ian funk going on; “Nothing No One Nowhere Blues” is a grumbling, stomping delta blues; “Ismi Azum” is a near-ambient instrumental rumination that fuses acoustic and electronic; “YOU’VE GOT eWHALE” is a marching, instrumental theatrical reminiscent of (yep!) Yoshimi. It wouldn’t be complete without a sea shanty, so “Ribs and Terrors” gives us a duet between a traditional accordion and a wiry synth before Landry’s voice comes in.

The remarkable thing about JJ is that even though the album has wide-ranging interests, the album never goes awry. Landry is able to corral all the sounds into the sonic framework he’s developed. Now, it’s weird, but it’s a rock opera about a modern re-telling of an ancient tale as understood by our current electronic issues. This never had a small horizon. By the time “Sunbound” rolls around, a six-minute slow-building acoustic-based indie-rock tune with a backing choir, nothing seems out of place at all. If you’ve got an adventurous streak and appreciate musicians with big ideas, then Louis Landry’s JJ vs. the Digital Whale will be right up your alley. - Independent clauses

"fan reviews"

"Everything just seems to weave and intertwine effortlessly."

"I get a real Beck vibe, but I don't know why, as this is much better."

"Songs like this are the reason mixposure is my favorite drug at the end or start of my day." - www.mixposure.com

"Quote from a recent wedding"

Your music made me wannna break down a and cry this weekend. Especially that Ray Charles tune ("Crying Time") as she walked down the stone path...WOW! Powerful shit. Wow. The power of music. Not a dry eye in the ceremony. Way to go my friend. Thanks again!
- The Groom

"Tour blog"

On Saturday, the tour had a night off to observe Shabbos. Matisyahu can't perform after sun down on Friday until sundown on Saturday night. Ben, Eric, and I decided to do a trio show in Austin to fill in the gap. This show went off. It was at club 115 in the downtown area. You could not have fit another body in the place. It was way beyond sold out. We love doing random Below Radar (members of Particle) shows when we are out on the road. The energy was blazing, with the music and lights firing full throttle. The three of us decided to invite a crew of local musicians to add a twist to the evening. We had Louis Landry, Silky Stu from Dmitri's Ascent, and Russ from Toast all on Keys. (Steve wasn't able to make this gig. He had the honor of playing another gig with Phil Lesh... ) Meg and Margaret of the M Squad and Jabarvy sat in on Saxophone & Trumpet. They all helped add to this flawless night of free flowing music. This was my favorite show of tour so far. The night started and ended with free form jams and sweaty people bouncing around elbow to elbow...

from blog.myspace.com/particle - Particle drummer Darren Pujalet

"SNR's "blue" CD"

Louis Landry's talents on the keyboards can instantly change a song's mood from swampy country to 70's classic cock rock to lush trippy dippy aural landscapes. - Edge Magazine (San Antonio)


There Was A Formula - 2021

A Stepladder to the Stars - 2019

DONTSTOP (EP) - 2017

JJ vs the Digital Whale -2015

LL (EP) - 2014

The LL Orchestra EP - 2014

The Mellow Moods of Louis Landry - 2009

Leaving & Returning - 2004

On (EP) - 2003

Is - 1999



A guy named Louis Landry exists. He sings and plays over 20 instruments. He performs, teaches and records music around Central North Carolina. He writes original music and has recorded 5 albums as a solo artist, including his recent A Stepladder to the Stars. He holds a bachelor's degree in music performance and has toured the U.S. and Europe as a sideman since 2004.

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